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Biomat 2013 - International Symposium On Mathematical And Computational Biology

Engels | Druk: 2013 | Hardcover | 9789814602211 | 428 pagina's

Rubem P. Mondaini - 9789814602211


Engels | Druk: 2013 | Hardcover | 9789814602211 | 428 pagina's

This is a book of a series on interdisciplinary topics on the Biological and Mathematical Sciences. The chapters correspond to selected papers on special research themes, which have been presented at BIOMAT 2013 International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology which was held in the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on November 04 – 08, 2013. The treatment is both pedagogical and advanced in order to motivate research students as well as to fulfill the requirements of professional practitioners. There are comprehensive reviews written by prominent scientific leaders of famous research groups.


  • Population Dynamics:

    • The Princess and the Pea: The Unexpected Importance of Movement Algorithms (Rebecca Tyson)

    • Plankton Nutrient Interaction Model with Harvesting under Constant Environment (Samares Pal and A Chatterjee)

    • Traveling Wave Solutions for a Chemotaxis System (F Catrina and V M Reyes G)

    • Dynamics of a General Stage Structured N Parallel Food Chains (Isam Al-Darabsah and Yuan Yuan)

  • Pattern Recognition of Biological Phenomena:

    • Complex Data Clustering: From Neural Network Architecture to Theory and Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics of Pattern Recognition (Guojun Gan, Jialun Yin, Yulia Wang and Jianhong Wu)

  • Dynamic and Geometric Modelling of Biomolecular Structures:

    • A Two-Step Kinetic Model of Insulin Aggregation with a Competitive Inhibitor (Mark Whidden, Allison Ho and Santiago Schnell)

  • Optimal Control Techniques in Mathematical Modelling of Biological Phenomena:

    • Optimal Control of Resource Coefficient in a Parabolic Population Model (J Bintz, H Finotti and S Lenhart)

    • Optimization of Costs for Combating Aedes Aegypti in Optimal Time-Windows (W O Dias, G A Xavier, D A P Lima, E F Wanner and R T N Cardoso)

    • Dynamics of a Varroa-Infested Honey Bee Colonies Model (K O Okosun)

  • Computational Biology:

    • Probability Distributions of GC Content Reflect the Evolution of Primate Species (Marco V José, Qi Lu and Juan R Bobadilla)

    • Mining the Constraints of Protein Evolution (Fernando Encinas and Antonio Basilio de Miranda)

    • Entropy Measures Based Methods for the Classification of Protein Domains into Families and Clans (Nicolas Carels, Cecilia F Mondaini and Rubem P Mondaini)

  • Modelling Physiological Disorders:

    • Modelling of Porous Elastic and Viscoelastic Media and Its Application to the Brain (R Begg, J Murley, M. Kohandel and S Sivaloganathan)

    • The Mathematics of Liver Transplantation (F A B Coutinho, E Chaib, M Amaku, M M Burattini and E Massad)

    • Complexity of Molecular Signaling Networks for Various Types of Cancer and Neurological Diseases Correlates with Patient Survivability (D Breitkreutz, E A Rietman, P Hinow, M Healey and J A Tuszynski)

  • Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases:

    • Modelling Malaria Dynamics in Temperate Regions with Long Term Incubation Period (Kyeongah Nah, Gergely Röst and Yongkuk Kim)

    • A Simulation of the U S Influenza Outbreak in 2009–2010 Using a Patch SIR Model based on Airport Transportation Data (D L Wallace and M Chen)

    • Modelling Directly Transmitted Infections considering Age-structured Contact Rate and Vaccination (H M Yang and C H Dezotti)

    • A General Framework for Agent-Based Modelling with Applications to Infectious Disease Dynamics (Marek Laskowski and Seyed M Moghadas)

    • Analysis of the Basic Reproduction Number from the Initial Growth Phase of the Outbreak in Diseases Caused by Vectors (R P Sanches and E Massad)

    • Parameter Estimation of a Tuberculosis Model in a Patchy Environment: Case of Cameroon (D P Moualeu, S Bowong and J Kürts)

    • An Agent-Based Modelling Framework for Tuberculosis Infection with Drug-Resistance (Aquino L Espindola, A S Martinez and Seyed M Moghadas)

    • Some Extensions of the Classical Epidemic Models (Fred Brauer)

Readership: Undergraduates, graduates, researchers and all practitioners on the interdisciplinary fields of Mathematical Biology, Biological Physics and Mathematical Modelling of Biosystems.


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Biomat 2013 - International Symposium On Mathematical And Computational Biology Engels | Druk: 2013 | Hardcover | 9789814602211 | 428 pagina's
Verschijningsdatummei 2014
AfmetingenAfmeting: 22,9 x 15,7 x 2,8 cm
Aantal pagina's428 pagina's
Auteur(s)Rubem P. Mondaini
RedacteurRubem P Mondaini
UitgeverWorld Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Gewicht748 g
Verpakking breedte157 mm
Verpakking hoogte28 mm
Verpakking lengte229 mm

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