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Tradition and Religion in Africa

Engels | Paperback | 9783659178108 | 152 pagina's

Haruna Abdallah Imam - 9783659178108


Engels | Paperback | 9783659178108 | 152 pagina's

The concept of the Earth Cult, and for that matter, the institution of the tindana was known throughout the West African Region. The tindaamba (plural for tindana) were, and still are, the intermediaries between the people living on the Earth and the Earth as a divine principle. Among the Dagbamba of Northern Ghana for example, the tindana did not only 'own' the land (literally), but by reason of his or her 'ownership', was the only one who knew or was known by, the 'spirit of the land'. Therefore, it was only the 'landowner' that could pacify the gods of the Earth for prosperity and peaceful co-existence on the Earth. However, the indigenous priesthood institution has seen many changes in the course of time. Nowadays, chiefs claim ritual as well as political possession of land in order to strengthen their authority. This book gives a historical account of the changing roles of the tindana among the Dagbamba in Northern Ghana. The book argues that the major factors that induced the changes are: the introduction of Islam, the development of chieftaincy, colonialism, among others. This book is ideal for everyone seeking to know more about the Socio-Religious history of Africa.


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Tradition and Religion in Africa Engels | Paperback | 9783659178108 | 152 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumjuli 2012
Aantal pagina's152 pagina's
AuteurHaruna Abdallah Imam
UitgeverLap Lambert Academic Publishing
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelExploring the Changing Roles of the Tindana in Dagbon
Thema Subject CodeAB

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