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Surgical Techniques for the Shoulder and Elbow

Engels | Hardcover | 9783131305411 | 248 pagina's

F. Alan Barber, Scott P. Fischer - 9783131305411


Engels | Hardcover | 9783131305411 | 248 pagina's

The continued expansion of arthroscopic techniques has led to rapid recognition and treatment of a wide variety of shoulder and elbow pathologies. This convenient new book covers the most frequently performed open and arthroscopic surgical procedures of the shoulder and elbow in a simplified, easy-to-understand format. Each chapter is written by leading experts in that particular area who present a clear, concise, and stepwise approach to the techniques being discussed. Hundreds of high-quality photographs and drawings demonstrate the different steps of the procedures, along with succinctly written text in an outline/notation format. The consistent layout throughout the book provides quick access to the information you need.Covering 53 different surgical operations, the text addresses topics such as: ligament instability; joint resection; thermal treatment; rotator cuff repairs; nerve release; and much more! It provides several treatment alternatives to each problem, including arthroscopic solutions. In every chapter, you'll also find tips, pearls, indications, contraindications, special considerations, instrumentation, postoperative protocol, and rehabilitation care. Special features of SURGICAL TECHNIQUES FOR THE SHOULDER AND ELBOW:Convenient outline format allows rapid review of the information you need--with key guidelines on avoiding problemsStep-by-step instructions on performing more than 50 proceduresA who's who in shoulder and elbow surgery--including Champ Baker, Robert Bell, James Esch, Scott Rodeo, Felix Savoie, and more--share their clinical experiencesIncludes both arthroscopic and open surgical solutions for each situationMore than 400 illustrations provide detailed explanations of the techniquesHere is the single-volume surgical guide for orthopedic surgeons and residents who need to stay abreast of the latest procedures for the shoulder and elbow. Whether you're new to the field or need a quick introduction to an unfamiliar technique; get all the facts in this easy-to-read text.




Surgical Techniques for the Shoulder and Elbow Engels | Hardcover | 9783131305411 | 248 pagina's
Aantal pagina's248 pagina's
AuteurF. Alan Barber | Scott P. Fischer
Co-auteurScott P. Fischer
UitgeverThieme Publishing Group
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum2003-01-01

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