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The Success Cage

Engels | Paperback | 9781927483602 | 190 pagina's

P Bruce Hunter, P Bruce Hunter - 9781927483602


Engels | Paperback | 9781927483602 | 190 pagina's

"Three words describe Bruce Hunter’s new book: insightful, pragmatic, and essential." —PETER BUCHANAN, President, Management Transitions, and Regional Chair, The Executive Committee Entrepreneurs are a special breed. With clear-eyed vision and sheer grit—-and in the face of incredible odds and challenges—-they create new, successful enterprises. They also share a secret pain. Once their business is built, they suffer in the day-to-day management roles they've fashioned for themselves, burdened with responsibilities they hadn't foreseen or don't want. But they can't or don't know how to let go. In this practical and compelling book, Bruce Hunter provides entrepreneurs with candid insight, no-nonsense advice, and powerful tools for focused action. The Success Cage is an invaluable guide to building a high-performance business that thrives without the owner/entrepreneur’s day-to-day involvement. And the result for entrepreneurs? A much happier life—-and a much more valuable business.




The Success Cage Engels | Paperback | 9781927483602 | 190 pagina's

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