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The Beginner's Guide to Getting Published 6th Edition

Engels | Paperback | 9781845282172 | 182 pagina's

Chriss Mccallum - 9781845282172


Engels | Paperback | 9781845282172 | 182 pagina's

The writers who get their work published are not necessarily the most brilliant. They are writers who provide what editors and publishers want. Being a successful writer means balancing your individuality and enthusiasm with your writing and selling skills. It means: adopting a professional attitude from the start; writing as well as you can in your chosen field; giving editors what they want, not what you think they should want; presenting your work as editors like to see it; and, developing a mutually profitable relationship with a publisher.The world of publishing is volatile and highly competitive so you'll need a guide to show you how to give yourself the best chance of success. If you follow the advice in this book you'll save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration. Now in its 6th edition, this book has been thoroughly revised and updated to include: the absolute need to be computer-literate - the chances of success are limited these days for any writer without internet/e-mail access and the skills to use it; the advantages to the self-publisher offered by print-on-demand technology; specific advice for beginners from established writers; updated information on how the world of publishing works,and how and why material is selected for publication; and, the importance of websites, blogging, pod-casting and other digital information. Contents: List of illustrations; Preface to the sixth edition; 1. Getting started; 2. The Internet; 3. Understanding Rights and Contracts; 4. Keeping records; 5. Preparing Your Work for Submission; 6. Submitting Your Work to the Market; 7. Writing for Magazines and Newspapers; 8. Writing and Selling Short Stories; 9. Writing and Selling Your First Novel; 10. Writing and Selling Non-Fiction Books; 11. Writing for Children and Teenagers; 12. Writing Poetry. Song Lyrics and Greeting Cards; 13. Writing for Radio, Screen and Stage; 14. Self-Financed Publishing; 15. Writing for Competitions; Glossary; Recommended Reading; Associations Open to Unpublished Writers; Other Useful Addresses; Index.




The Beginner's Guide to Getting Published 6th Edition Engels | Paperback | 9781845282172 | 182 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumjuli 2008
Aantal pagina's182 pagina's
IllustratiesMet illustraties
AuteurChriss Mccallum
UitgeverLittle Brown UK
Extra groot lettertypeNee

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