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Faith Through Cancer

Bob Howe - 9781618628558


I got up and handed the cordless phone to Linda. After thirty-three years of marriage, I had learned how to read my wife's thoughts in her face. I could not hear the doctor, but I could tell Linda was not hearing what she wanted to hear. Finally, she hung up and turned to look at me. Without a word she began to cry. I sat down beside her and cried with her. 'I have cancer, ' she said, and we cried even more. The day that Bob received the unexpected and unwanted news of his wife's cancer changed his life forever. A Sunday school teacher and leader in his church, Bob was suddenly called to depend on God more than ever before. He and his wife prayed for her instant healing, but that was not the plan the Lord had for them. Instead, they walked a very painful road of not one, but two, cancer diagnoses and mounting medical bills, spending some dark days questioning what God was doing in their lives. The problems they faced seemed insurmountable, but he and Linda were reminded that there is nothing greater than the love of God and those He places around us to help us in our struggles. Walk with Bob and his wife as they rely on their Faith through Cancer.




Faith Through Cancer

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