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oktober 2013

Jay Earley - 9781604079418


oktober 2013

Course objectives:

  • Discuss an overview of the Internal Family Systems Therapy—recognizing your stuck parts in need of healing, while accessing Self as the calm, centered, ground in your life.
  • Practice, through guided meditation, the necessary steps to access, ''un-blend'' from, and get to know the various parts of your psyche in service to healing and transformation.
  • Utilize the recordings of complete IFS demonstration sessions as a way to observe the outlined steps within an individual's process.
  • Outline the seven types of inner critics—the steps to access them, un-blend from them, get to know them and transform them.
  • Discuss the seven types of inner champions and practice a guided meditation for accessing your inner champion—the antidote to the inner critic that supports you in being your Self.

Psychotherapy works through dialogue between the therapist and client—but what if you could have an effective healing dialogue with yourself? ''Because our minds are actually a home to many sub-personalities,'' Dr. Jay Earley explains, ''we have the ability to heal ourselves by engaging directly with the each of our parts.'' With Self-Therapy, Dr. Earley offers a complete audio training course in a revolutionary therapy called Internal Family Systems (IFS), a powerful psychological tool for finding freedom from chronic emotional issues such as depression and anxiety, and creating internal harmony where the aspects of your psyche are working together for your well-being.

Your True Self—The Wellspring of Inner Healing

The IFS method teaches you how to access the Self—the grounded, spiritual center of your being that is the source of all healing. You'll learn to engage with each of your parts from your Self with open curiosity, compassion, and love. Dr. Earley offers guided practices and step-by-step instructions for healing the exiled parts that carry emotional wounds from childhood, the protectors that try to shield you from pain, the inner critics that judge you and undermine your self-worth, the parts that make you procrastinate or overeat, and more.

''Each part of us is trying to help or protect us,'' explains Dr. Jay Earley. ''Though they may unintentionally cause suffering by being stuck in the past, we can learn to transform them into caring allies.'' Self-Therapy is a complete training course in a revolutionary method for inner exploration, psychological self-healing, and cultivating love for your whole being.

  • Internal Family Systems—an effective tool for creating harmony among our many sub-personalities
  • Recognizing the Self—how to operate from the grounded and compassionate core of your being
  • Why many of our parts remain stuck in childhood, and how to release them
  • Protectors—how their efforts to wall us off from pain can keep us from fully experiencing life
  • Exiles—helping the parts that hold our deepest wounds to heal and transform
  • Inner Critics—techniques for turning self-sabotaging parts into Inner Champions
  • Practical guidance for ''un-blending'' from a part that has taken you over
  • How to bring harmony to parts of ourselves that are in conflict with each other
  • More than seven hours of guided practices, step-by-step instructions, and immersive training in IFS therapy from Dr. Jay Earley




Self-Therapy oktober 2013
Releasedatum01 oktober 2013

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