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Creating a New Earth

januari 2011

Eckhart Tolle - 9781604070941


januari 2011

Bring the Power of Presence into Your Daily LifeMany of us have heard Eckhart Tolle's profound message about the extraordinary power of the present moment. But how do we apply this wisdom amid the challenges of relationships, money, and the daily stresses of life in the 21st century?

Creating a New Earth presents a series of practical teaching sessions designed to help us overcome the most common ''obstacles to presence.'' Offered in response to what he describes as the evolutionary impulse to assist in humanity's collective spiritual awakening, this beautiful collector's edition invites us to explore with Eckhart Tolle such topics as:

The Economy—Points us toward the hidden opportunities in seemingly ''dreadful'' financial times
• Spiritual Awakening in Daily Life—Offers a liberating alternative to perceiving life solely from the point of view of the mind
• To Think or Not to Think—Discover the transformation that awaits when we learn to operate in presence rather than under the direction of our mental activity
• The Gift of Nature—Explores the many ways in which nature can serve as a portal to presence
• Meditation—Discusses the many faces of meditation and its ultimate essence: realizing the precious spaciousness that is available in every moment
• Eckhart on Emerson—Commentary on the collected essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, writing that Eckhart considers to be of rare depth and truth
• Bonus Session—Life-changing questions with Eckhart and a short talk on relationships with his teaching partner Kim Eng
The best thing we can do to build a better future is to live fully right now in alignment with the flow of nature and empowered by wisdom that transcends thought. The opportunity is ours with Creating a New Earth.


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Creating a New Earth januari 2011
Releasedatum01 januari 2011

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