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Coding Manager's Handbook

Engels | Druk: 2nd ed. | Paperback | 9781601463289 | 161 pagina's

Glenn Krauss, Rose T Dunn - 9781601463289


Engels | Druk: 2nd ed. | Paperback | 9781601463289 | 161 pagina's

The Coding Manager's Handbook

Get the know-how to manage a first-class coding department
A coding manager must be an effective team leader, efficiently balancing multiple responsibilities. Whether you are new to the job, or an experienced manager, this book will walk you step-by-step through your roles and responsibilities. It provides a comprehensive and detailed look at a coding manager's/supervisor's responsibilities, providing more than 50 figures, charts, sample documents, and resources to illustrate key topics and provide examples.
The author provides an overview of regulatory oversight, explains the coding department's role in the revenue cycle, and provides a roadmap to successfully navigate the coding department's daily challenges.You will learn to: Allocate resources and structure the coding function to maximize productivitySelect, develop, retain, and motivate staffCreate a documentation improvement program and query policyEstablish a coding quality review program to ensure accuracy and complianceImplement a coding auditing program
The topics covered in the book include:
Chapter 1: Introduction to ManagementNew Manager ChallengesWhat Does a Manager Do
Chapter 2: Planning and Organizing the Coding FunctionWhat Is the Coding Function?Today's Coding FunctionStructuring the Coding FunctionResources for the Coding FunctionScheduling
Chapter 3: Developing, Selecting, and Retaining Coding StaffDetermining Staff SizeComposition of the Coding TeamDeveloping an Apprentice ProgramDeveloping Coding Guidelines
Chapter 4: Motivating the Coding TeamAssessing Individual NeedsGenerational DifferencesManager's NeedsDeveloping ExpectationsCommon DistractionsRemote Coding ConsiderationsIncentives as Motivators
Chapter 5: Compliance and the Coding FunctionImplementing a Coding Auditing ProgramExternal Coding Quality Reviews
Chapter 6: Coding and the Revenue CycleCoding Connects the CycleCoding Quality and Case Mix IndexDenial Management
Chapter 7: Improving Coding Quality and ReimbursementCreating a Documentation Improvement ProgramKey Items to Consider Including in a Query PolicyTracking Queries
Chapter 8: External ForcesHistory of Regulatory OversightOffice of Inspector GeneralMedicare Administrative ContractorsRecovery Audit ContractorsMedicaid Integrity ProgramHospital-Acquired ConditionsThird-Party Payers
Chapter 9: Daily ChallengesAssign Work QueuesReview the DNFB ReportPayroll and SchedulingDrafting Policies and ProceduresEmployee ChallengesQuality AuditsEmployee EvaluationsWorking with PhysiciansEmerging Challenges
The nearly 50 figures in this book include maps, charts, and documents such as: Sample occurrence reportAdvantages and disadvantages of individual-based and team-based incentivesSample internal audit calendarLetter explaining overpayment/underpayment due to coding errorSample response to the CFO regarding decline in case mixSample data collecting and trending chartSample physician querySample tracking spreadsheet RAC tracking spreadsheet data components
Additional resources in the online Appendix include: Coding career ladderCoding manager job descriptionCoding specialist II job descriptionSpecial report: Coder productivity benchmarks




Coding Manager's Handbook Engels | Druk: 2nd ed. | Paperback | 9781601463289 | 161 pagina's
Druk2nd ed.
Aantal pagina's161 pagina's
AuteurGlenn Krauss | Rose T Dunn
Co-auteurRose T Dunn
UitgeverHcpro Inc.
NUR code870
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum2010-03-01

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