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Trading System Building Blocks

Engels | Bindwijze overig | 9781592800711 | 01 augustus 2003

John R. Hill - 9781592800711


Engels | Bindwijze overig | 9781592800711 | 01 augustus 2003

Run time: 90 min. Every day emails and advertisements make big promises for trading systems that often come with big price tags. Which systems really work? Which are legit? And which ones are right for you? Turn to a true trading system expert for guidance. The Ultimate Trading Guide author John Hill has been testing and validating systems in his Futures Truth publication for years. He&;s easily the most foremost
authority on trading system development, and he now shares his wealth of insights with you.

Drawing on personal experiences and observations, Hill provides an extensive review of the 10 top trading systems in use today, with hands-on instruction for creating systems, customizing them to meet your needs and testing variations on your home computer. You&;ll laugh at his anecdotes and enjoy his down-home style as you also discover how to:

  • Time entry/exit decisions by spotting key market tendencies
  • Pick the right system for the current conditions
  • Customize a published system to make it your own
  • Use options to control risk and add discipline to your trading system

Plus &;
  • 3 key elements of any successful system
  • 6 prime reasons people fail when using trading systems
  • Making all markets work - and much more.

Construct a powerful, winning system - block-by-block - following Hill&;s expert advice.


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Trading System Building Blocks Engels | Bindwijze overig | 9781592800711 | 01 augustus 2003
BindwijzeBindwijze overig
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum01 augustus 2003
HoofdauteurJohn R. Hill
HoofduitgeverijJohn Wiley & Sons Inc
Gewicht100 g
Verpakking breedte135 mm
Verpakking hoogte15 mm
Verpakking lengte191 mm

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