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The Joy Of Family Traditions

Engels | Paperback | 9781587611148 | 256 pagina's

Jennifer Trainer Thompson - 9781587611148


Engels | Paperback | 9781587611148 | 256 pagina's

When a special activity evolves into a tradition within a family, it creates meaning, connection, and community and makes common occasions more momentous and memorable. Establishing a sense of stability and shared history has never been more important to parents than it is today, as families become more fractured and scattered. THE JOY OF FAMILY TRADITIONS offers more than 400 fresh ideas and creative approaches to cultivating birthday, anniversary, holiday, and other rite-of-passage and seasonal traditions that strengthen personal bonds and reflect a family's individual style, spirituality, and values.

  • Inspires and instructs families on how to create, personalize, adapt, and preserve relevant traditions that reflect how we live today.
  • Explores the historical, cultural, and often quirky origins of holidays, customs, and milestones, both uncommon and familiar.
  • Includes holidays, holy days, annual events, once-in-a-lifetime occasions, and personal celebrations.
  • Reviews"A lovely new book that pays tribute to hundreds of celebrations from around the world and offers new ideas for marking important occasions."—Pregnancy Magazin "Be inspired to preserve, personalize and create meaningful holiday and year round traditions with the more than 400 multi-cultural activities found in The Joy of Family Traditions."—Senior Wire News Service "...read The Joy of Family Traditions by Jennifer Trainer Thompson, so you can celebrate the holidays even better than you celebrate them now."—Washington Post Recommended in Q&A Column"If you love family traditions, you will take pleasure in The Joy of Family Traditions by Jennifer Trainer Thompson."-Tom McMahon's syndicated "Kid Tips" Column appears in 62 newspapers nationwideFeatured in two wedding themed pieces on 5/1/08 and 5/8/08.-Content That Works




    The Joy Of Family Traditions Engels | Paperback | 9781587611148 | 256 pagina's
    Verschijningsdatummei 2008
    Aantal pagina's256 pagina's
    AuteurJennifer Trainer Thompson
    UitgeverCelestial Arts
    Extra groot lettertypeNee
    SubtitelA Season-by-season Companion to Celebrations, Holidays, and Special Occasions
    Thema Subject CodeJBCC6

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