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How to Stay Married

Engels | Paperback | 9781568251677 | 118 pagina's

Msw Lcsw Ward, Rebecca - 9781568251677


Engels | Paperback | 9781568251677 | 118 pagina's

People don't just know how to be married, they have to learn, and this book helps.

Rebecca Ward has specialized in relationship therapy for over thirty-five years. In this book, she shares much of what she has learned from the thousands of hours she has spent with the individuals, couples and families who have come into her office for therapy. She has distilled the experiences of her practice and the years of study into a very helpful and readable book.

Don't let its tidy size fool you. This book is condensed to encourage reading, and it is dense with meaningful information with which all couples should identify and find greatly useful in working on their marriages. Rebecca clarifies complex emotional and relational issues and gives concrete solutions. Not just a descriptive self-help book, this one offers how-to direction as well.

In this second edition of How To Stay Married Without Going Crazy, the reader will learn:

• How to communicate more effectively,
• Why you have had difficulty communicating from the start,
• The Golden Rule of Marriage and how practicing it can reduce marital discord,
• How our families of origin (FOO) program us for our marital behavior,
• Why you have conflict about time and money,
• There is sex after marriage,
• How to collaborate so marriage becomes both a source of comfort and a catalyst for continued growth for both partners, and
• NEW! How infidelity affects marriage and the choices it presents.

About Rebecca Fuller Ward, MSW, LCSW

Rebecca F. Ward, MS, MSW, has a general psychotherapy private practice in Little Rock, Arkansas with a special interest in marital and family therapy. She and her partner, Dr. Howard Turney, Director of the Social Work Department at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, teach the course, "Marital and Family Therapy Theories" each Spring at the UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute.

Licensed by the Arkansas Social Work Licensing Board, Rebecca served from 1996 to 2003 as member and Chairman for two years. Currently she is a member of American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She is President of the Alumni Association of UALR, which focuses on providing scholarships, a strong interest for her. She has written for several Arkansas newspapers through the years and is currently a columnist for AY Magazine. She has been a frequent speaker at churches and other groups where she talks about relationships, and she is the on-air therapist for Good Morning, Arkansas, KATV , Channel 7, the ABC affiliate in Arkansas.

Rebecca lives in Little Rock with her husband, Don, who retired six years ago and has made life much easier with his love of cooking and passion for a beautiful yard.


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How to Stay Married Engels | Paperback | 9781568251677 | 118 pagina's
Aantal pagina's118 pagina's
AuteurMsw Lcsw Ward, Rebecca
UitgeverRainbow Books Incorporated
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum2013-11-03
SubtitelWithout Going Crazy
Thema Subject CodeVFVG

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