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Bully Nation

Engels | 1e druk | 9781557789044 | 208 pagina's

Susan Eva Porter - 9781557789044


Engels | 1e druk | 9781557789044 | 208 pagina's

The Columbine school shooting caused the United States to ramp up the national discussion of school bullying and the hasty implementation of many new anti-bullying rules and ''zero-tolerance'' policies. Some of these policies have led to serious unintended consequences. In this timely book, Susan Eva Porter, a seasoned and licensed school professional, explains how our current bully language, school policies, and anti-bully activists are trying to address the problem of school bullying in ways that actually make problems worse. Some policies treat children as adults and adults as children. Unnecessary strife among all parties involved, and the impeded social development of the children involved, can be a byproduct of popular policies. Especially in middle-school years, children are in a stage of development that involves testing boundaries and learning to relate to others. They need to gain resilience that will enable them to function well as adults. Bullying is often addressed in ways that arrest the social development of both the ''bully'' and the ''victim.'' Porter, an expert in child development, sets a new standard for our understanding of America's approach to bullying, and how we can dramatically improve outcomes, in this easy-to-understand book. Bully Nation should be read by school administrators, counselors, policymakers, teachers, psychologists, and parents. It is a much needed analysis with common-sense solutions to one of our nation's most mis-addressed problems.


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Bully Nation Engels | 1e druk | 9781557789044 | 208 pagina's
Verschijningsdatummaart 2013
Druk1e druk
Afmetingen22,6 x 15,2 x 1,5 cm
Aantal pagina's208 pagina's
AuteurSusan Eva Porter
UitgeverParagon House Publishers
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelWhy America's Approach to Childhood Aggression Is Bad for Everyone

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