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Beginner Yoga Books

Engels | 9781499193671 | 226 pagina's

Juliana Baldec, Alecandra Baldec - 9781499193671


Engels | 9781499193671 | 226 pagina's

Compilation Of 3 Beginning Yoga Books:In this yoga routine for beginners compilation of 3 books, Alecandra Baldec & Juliana Baldec are combining their 3 titles:Book 1: 11 Simple Yoga Poses For BeginnersBook 2: The Daily Yoga Ritual Lifestyle (Yoga For Beginners Guide with Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners) Book 3: Zen Is Like You: Meditation Prayer & Meditation Affirmations For Yoga Journal & NotebookThis is what the two sisters love about Yoga & Meditation:Hi to all Yoga beginners!You will soon love Yoga & Meditation,too. The benefits of Yoga and doing these Yoga poses are way too powerful to pass and ignore them. Inside this compilation you will learn how a Yoga beginner can take lots of benefits out of these Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners.The system is perfect for beginners who might have tried to integrate yoga poses into their lifestyle, but until today these individual might have failed because of time constraints and modern life complexities. This compilation of the 11 most beneficial beginners yoga poses reveals the top favorite yoga posture and positions. Juliana & Alecandra Baldec reaveal some valuable tips how to apply them the right way and how to make them work for you the proper way.In today's world time has become such a valuable resource and the authors give you some insider tips that make these Yoga Workouts work for you, too! The objective of the compilation is to give you the top 11 yoga basic poses for beginners, to show you the benefits of each one, and to make each of them work for you!You will receive some valuable tips and hints what the authors like about each of these positions and why they specifically work for them. Especially in the beginning of doing something new, it is critical to have someone you can connect and model after. Juliana Baldec modeled after her sister Alecandra who is an expert in meditation and yoga and Alecandra got her knowledge from the yoga and meditation gurus and insiders. You will also learn inside how Yoga connects to Meditation and how Meditation connects to Yoga and how a beginner can take lots of benefits out of this combination of activities.My 5 Minute Yoga Routine For Beginners system includes some Quick & Easy Yoga Workouts With Yoga Positions. She also talks about the powerful Yoga Benefits that you will gain from this system. The goal is to apply a daily yoga ritual that will change your life from an average and unhealthy way of life into a true yoga lifestyle with unlimited health benefits and with unlimited body and mind possibilities!Her system is perfect for beginners who might have tried to integrate yoga into their life, but until today these individual might have failed because of time constraints and modern life complexities. This quick and effortless 5 minute system reveals the latest insights into the mind-body consciousness connection and how to make yoga work in today's world where time has become such a valuable resource. Watch out for her secret success ingredient that is going to be the connecting part that will make yoga work for you!This secret ingredient is the reason why her system works so well for beginners who always lack time when it comes to a daily yoga routine. Integrating this system into your lifestyle is going to resolve the problem for you why Yoga might never have worked for you before because it gives you a proven & tested, quick and easy, reapeatable, effortless and achievable system that works for you successfully no matter where you are and no matter how busy you are. Remember all you need is 5 minutes per day to make Yoga successful for you and to achieve the Ultimate Yoga Lifestyle with unlimited possibilities, happiness, and unlimited health and mental benefits, and so much more...Book 3:"Zen Is Like You" is an extremely fun, quick & easy to read little rhyming book about the amazing Zen Lifestyle.




Beginner Yoga Books Engels | 9781499193671 | 226 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumapril 2014
Aantal pagina's226 pagina's
AuteurJuliana Baldec | Alecandra Baldec
Co-auteurAlecandra Baldec
UitgeverCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelSimple Yoga Poses for Beginners + Yoga for Beginners Guide

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