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The Waters of Arcamo

Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781491805633

A. C. Nicholas, A C Nicholas - 9781491805633


Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781491805633

High-school senior Gina Corcoran lived a fairly normal life with her mother, grandmother, and brother. Once, every year or so, she would even get to leave her home in San Antonio, Texas, and spend a few weeks in the summer with her great-aunt Anna, at a small farmhouse just outside of Binghamton, New York. There she would be told stories of her family, of how they came from the Italian island of Sicily to Americafirst to New York, and then, when her grandmother moved, to Texasand of her life in San Antonio. Family stories like these often have a lasting effect upon a person. The stories that she wasnt told were older, deeper, darker, and would change her life forever.

This is the story of Gina, the great-niece of Anna Del Forno, the wealthy owner and CEO of Del Forno Bottling, producers of Acqua DArcamo, a popular, bottled water made at a plant on the grounds of the Del Forno Villa, an estate in Arcamo, Sicily. How Anna came to be the head of such a profitable company and all the abundance that came with it, at first meant very little to Gina, until of course, the legacy took hold. What some would see as a family legacy, others might view as a curse. How could Gina have possibly known what turns her life would take, when with each passing day, each startling revelation brought her closer to danger, dancing with death.

Have you ever been frightened? So afraid that you could barely control your own emotions? Imagine what it would feel like if your inner fears and angers got the better of you and came out. Think of it as letting out the inner beast. Imagine, over time, being able to allow those feelings to come out whenever you needed them. Oh, and imagine that when you do, you are no longer you, but rather a fully grown wolfnot a monster, not a science experiment, but a genuine, living wolf. You can think like a wolf thinks, see like a wolf sees, even hunt with the quiet tenacity in which a wolf hunts. And when you hunger, you will hunt. All this unfolds here, and more, as Gina becomes immersed in the Waters of Arcamo.


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The Waters of Arcamo Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781491805633
Verschijningsdatumoktober 2013
Ebook formaatAdobe ePub
Bestandsgrootte ebook2,3 MB
Aanbevolen leeftijd0 - 2 jaar
AuteurA. C. Nicholas | A C Nicholas
Co-auteurA C Nicholas
Lees dit ebook opAndroid (smartphone en tablet) | Kobo e-reader | Desktop (Mac en Windows) | iOS (smartphone en tablet) | Windows (smartphone en tablet) | Overige e-reader
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelBook Two of the Arcamo Saga
Thema Qualifier Code5AB
Thema Subject CodeFM

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