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Swag 101

Engels | Paperback | 9781491711576 | 98 pagina's

Rob Crews - 9781491711576


Engels | Paperback | 9781491711576 | 98 pagina's

SWAG 101

by Rob Crews

''The trajectory of learning has changed, therefore the trajectory of teaching must change as well. Be innovative in player development.''

''I love talking the game with Rob Crews, especially when you talk about hitters. The insight that Rob has given me when it comes down to his perspective on hitting has been very beneficial to me as a hitting coach. You are not going to find another hitting coach as passionate as Coach Crews.''

-TIM WALTON Head Coach, University of Florida Softball

''Rob breaks down teaching and learning not only for athletes but for the common everyday citizen. I recommend SWAG 101 to everyone interested in becoming more knowledgeable of the teaching and learning process no matter your intelligence level.''

-ORV FRANCHUK Hitting Coach, Los Angeles Dodgers

''SWAG 101 teaches hitting and the mental game from a player's perspective. His innovative ideas and strategies are straight forward and keep the game simple. I'm proud to call Rob a teacher and a friend.''

-HOWARD DOBSON Hitting Coach LSU, Team USA Softball

''This book is an absolute must read for those players aspiring to reach the top level game! SWAG - the secret weapon all great hitters possess but are reluctant to share.''

-LAUREN GIBSON 2013 SEC Player of the Year, Team USA Softball

''Rob knows hitting and more importantly he knows hitters. In SWAG 101, hitters learn to know themselves through his teachings - perhaps the most critical piece to the performance puzzle.''

-KRIS HERMAN Head Cpach, Williams College Softball

''The book does a great job of tying in the various components of learning and how important each aspect is to an athlete in their own development. Rob is world class when it comes to showing the countless ways there are for an athlete to improve -not just with the physical, but more importantly the mental facet.''

-MIKE STEUERWALD Head Coach, Chicago Bandits, NPF

The bottom line is most athletes with great swings and great form, aren't even that good! So what makes them good? SWAG 101 is about Invisible Mechanics -the mechanics that we can't see. What goes on under the hood. Most of which precedes the swing. Its about perception. Organzing your thoughts. In this book, the author digs deeper into the athlete's operating system. Invisible Mechanics is the brain working together with the eyes to create a faster, more efficient response from the body. The COMPLETE GAME instructional model, as narrated by Rob Crews, combines mind/body research outlining and how effective teaching is continuing to evolve.


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Swag 101 Engels | Paperback | 9781491711576 | 98 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumnovember 2013
Aantal pagina's98 pagina's
AuteurRob Crews
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelInvisible Mechanics, Perfect Collisions and .400 Hitters

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