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Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights

Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781472092366 | 300 pagina's

Kyra Davis - 9781472092366


Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781472092366 | 300 pagina's

Sophie Katz has just offered a man $12,000 for his services… Is she desperate or just meshugeneh?

Considering the kind of disasters that usually befall the half-black, half-Jewish mystery writer, probably both. Because the last time Sophie saw sexy P.I. Anatoly Darinsky, he practically danced a jig when she waved goodbye &151; a normal reaction for a man who'd nearly bought the farm trying to protect her from her own foolishness. What are the chances he'd agree to take incriminating pictures of her sister's philandering husband? Or that he'd let her tag along &151; you know…for research?

But when her brother-in-law turns up dead and her sister becomes the prime suspect, Sophie's priority is finding the real killer. With or without Anatoly's help. Her brother-in-law's secret life yields plenty of suspects, but the San Francisco police aren't taking any of them seriously. So Sophie does what comes naturally to her: she stirs up trouble (to lure the killer out, of course).

But if her crazy plan works, will Anatoly be there to protect her this time?


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Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9781472092366 | 300 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumjuni 2014
Aantal pagina's300 pagina's
Ebook formaat-6283
Auteur(s)Kyra Davis
UitgeverMills & Boon Red Dress Ink
Originele TitelPassion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights
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Ebook formaat-6283
Extra groot lettertypeNee

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