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God Provides a Way of Escape

Engelstalig | E-book | 9781466920521

Dr. Gwendola Williams, Dr Gwendola Williams - 9781466920521


Engelstalig | E-book | 9781466920521

God loves us and wants us to love Him, each other, and ourselves. God never intended anyone to be victimized, and it is important that we love and respect ourselves, holding ourselves in high regard. Domestic violence is sin, and violent interactions break the greatest commandments. Violence is incompatible with love, and thats why it is important to embrace Gods word to find out exactly what it says to us about Gods love. Furthermore, we know the Holy Spirit neither produces nor condones abuse, for love and gentleness are Fruit of the Spirit according to Galatians. We are precious to Him. We are valuable to God, and His sacrifice for us proves that. No matter what we have been told, what experiences we have had, what mistakes we have made, God loves us and wants us to be loved. We do not have to labor in an arena God never intended for us to labor in, He wants us to be free. If you are in a relationship that threatens your mental and physical health, your soul and your temple, seek guidance and strength from a God who knows your struggle. He is ready to deliver you because you have dwelt long enough on this mountain.


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God Provides a Way of Escape Engelstalig | E-book | 9781466920521
AuteurDr. Gwendola Williams | Dr Gwendola Williams

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