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The Prepper's Handbook

Zion Prepper, Bryan Foster - 9781466447813


Shit Hits the Fan (SHTF). The End of the World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). A World without Rule or Law (WROL). This is what Preppers prepare for. Bug-out Vehicle (BOV), Bug-out Bag (BOB), Bug-out Location (BOL), Bug-out Directions (BOD). This is the language of the Prepper. This handbook will provide individuals, families, or groups access to the unique mindset of those survivalists called Preppers. Preppers prepare for unknown circumstances, such as economic collapse, natural events, manmade catastrophes, and even the end of the world. Preppers come from all walks of life, ranging from blue-collar workers to white-collar executives running multimillion-dollar companies. The reality is that we’re all Preppers in one way or another. When we go to the grocery store, we buy and store food for future meals. That’s Prepping. When we save five hundred dollars in the bank for a rainy day, that’s Prepping. When we buy first-aid supplies because they’re on sale, that’s Prepping. Preppers take those actions to a different level. They don’t look out one week or even four weeks from now. Preppers look out months and even years from now. Preppers tend to store items in bulk and some in tons (e.g., wheat, beans, corn, etcetera). They preserve their food so it lasts for up to thirty years. They have multiple weapons, ranging from knives, bows, and guns all the way to homemade devices. Some Preppers have predetermined locations to Bug Out (BO) to should a catastrophe happen, while others have Bug-out Vehicles (BOV) to get them there.Preppers find peace of mind knowing that they have food, water, rifles, pistols, ammunition, shelter, heat, energy, and the experience to survive. They have knowledge and relationships that provide skills to construct, engineer, grow, preserve, forge, hunt, provide electricity, teach, and balance the requirements of the survival triangle. Preppers act alone as well as become part of a larger Prepper community. To help better understand Preppers, I present the survival triangle, which most Preppers use as a guide. The survival triangle demonstrates the basic foundation of Prepping, and as such I’ve labeled it the first tenet of Prepping. As a Prepper, I allow you to look through my eyes and share what I’ve learned and applied to my life. I provide numerous examples and methods of how you can become a Prepper, though not all are always practical. The point is to expose the reader to the Prepper and the many options a Prepper has. The word Prepper or Preppers does not signify or imply a formal organization or title to any person or group. In its simplest form Preppers are individuals, families, or groups that are prepared BEFORE a significant event occurs. Individuals I have talked with associate Preppers with doomsdayers, militants, lunatics, or outsiders. Because of this stigma many Preppers tend to remain silent or selective about their communications. They provide limited if any information on what they store, the quantities they store, and how they store their preps. Yet within the Prepper community there is significantly more freedom and sharing of knowledge and experiences. There is a feeling of community amongst Preppers, and many but not all are welcome. In this community you will learn and be exposed to a tremendous amount of information. . It’s often difficult to understand what a Prepper is because there is no common mold or practice other than the survival triangle. What you prep and how you prep depends on your experience, finances, network, and knowledge. You and I may prepare differently, but the goal is the same, which is to be prepared before a significant event occurs. Whether you like it or not, we all prepare for something, but are you ready to be called a Prepper?




The Prepper's Handbook

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