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The Key of Love

Engels | E-book | 9781440149207 | 25 juni 2009 | Adobe ePub

Robert Kelsey, Kathy Kelsey - 9781440149207


Engels | E-book | 9781440149207 | 25 juni 2009 | Adobe ePub

This book is the result of many years of study and prayer, meditating on the Word, making notes, and assembling those notes into something that I believe will be a blessing to others who are seeking God in their lives.
I discovered that God was telling me, in Matthew 6:33, to "seek first of all the Kingdom of God and all of His righteousness." And when I went looking, I wasn't able to find anybody who knew much of anything about what I was asking. So I set out to remedy that situation. And in doing so, I had to learn early on that I had to have a total dependency upon God to give me the answers I was seeking. I had to yield to the Holy Spirit who lives in me, because one can't get spiritual answers from the physical. I had to learn to differentiate between the Holy Spirit and the devil talking to me. I had to learn to walk by faith, to step out and obey God. I had to learn that, as I read the Word of God, my trust in Him and my faith would grow and go beyond what I could ever ask or think.
The Key of Love is designed to be a study guide to get you from where you are to where God wants you to be. Have your Bible with you as you read, and take the time to look up and study the numerous references to scripture herein, as well as cross-references, which appear in parentheses following many of the Bible quotations.
If you experience a closer walk with God, you will come to know God and to understand just how much He loves and cares for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you as you study (John 16:13). Look up each scripture, read several verses before and after the noted verse, and study it, meditate on it, and let the Word of God be your final judge. God has sent the Holy Spirit into your life to guide you unto all truth (John 16:13, I Thessalonians 5:21). Take full advantage of all that God has provided for you to make your life everything that He has created it to be.
To understand God one must understand that there are Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven that unlock the mystery of how we can know God and achieve what he has planned for us!


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The Key of Love Engels | E-book | 9781440149207 | 25 juni 2009 | Adobe ePub
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum25 juni 2009
Ebook FormaatAdobe ePub
HoofdauteurRobert Kelsey
Tweede AuteurKathy Kelsey
HoofdillustratorJoshua Allen
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