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Life & Love

Engels | Paperback | 9781425775841 | 200 pagina's

A & Moorer Jackquline Stephon, A. & Moorer Jackquline Stephon - 9781425775841


Engels | Paperback | 9781425775841 | 200 pagina's

Book Description and Excerpt for website SEX, MONEY, MURDER & TRUE LOVE is the driving force behind this highly anticipated semi-autobiographical hip-hop soul novel by A. Stephon & Jackquline Moorer. In Life. Terrell Black is a hustler with a vision to save himself & his family from the mean streets of Benton Harbor, Michigan. After spending over a decade of his life behind bars and being released on parole, he discovers that striving towards his vision isn't as easy as he dreamed. After all those years behind bars it seems as if the street-life is the only thing waiting on him with open arms. In Love. Yolonda Dickerson has experienced a lot of pain, but she has had enough and starts on a journey to turn her life around for the sake of herself her and five children. When her life crosses paths with Terrell true love brings them together, but it comes with a high price as they must confront their past. They both come to a cross road were they must decide if their life & love is worth the ultimate sacrifice. H-H.E.A.T. MAGAZINE Reviewed by Dr. Preston T. Yates PhD "When the first page turns & the cover shuts one last time, you will appreciate having read this book. Life & Love masterfully threads together the soul of the streets within the young black urban experience. Themes of street life, incarceration, drug abuse, domestic violence, tore family bonds, and unconditional love are addressed throughout this literary jewel. Many questions and introspective drive Life & Love forward with every page turned. The courage of A. Stephon & Jackquline Moorer to address these complex issues, amongst others. While resisting simplistic answers and keeping you on the edges of each page with drama and humor, distinguishes them & this epic novel for others within the popular genre of urban/street Lit. The reward of reading this interesting semi-autobiographical story is that, love it or not, either way it will have you thinking and talking about it. You may even come away with a little more compassion for the struggles within these streets." www.moorerhouse.com/hheatmag Read an exclusive excerpt from this highly anticipated hip-hop soul novel Coming Sweetest Day 2007 Chapter 23 Braid my Hair "You still coming through to braid my hair?" Terrell asked me when I called him. "I was just calling you to let you know I'd be there in an hour and tell you to make sure you wash it before I get there," I told him, as I ironed my clothes. "You already know I'm on point. I just got done washing it with that 'Herbal Essence' shampoo and conditioner you gave me. That stuff smells good, but I ain't havin' no orgasm like in the commercial." The both of us had a good laugh at that. "You must be talking to Terrell to be laughing all like that on the phone," Claudea said, as she walked into the room. "And you know it " I said with a bright smile on my face. "Tell him I said what's up," she said loud enough for him to hear. "I know you heard that with her big mouth," I asked into the phone. "Tell her I said what's the deal," he replied. "He said what's the deal, Claudea." "Tell him he better take good care of my sister or he'll be dealing with me," she playfully said. "Shut up " I told her. "Tell her we got this under control," Terrell said. "We got this under control," I told her. "He heard what I said," she replied with a roll of her eyes and walked back out of the room. I laughed at my little sister and threw a pillow at her back. "That girl crazy," I said to Terrell. "That's good to know," he replied with a laugh of his own. "Look I'm going to let you get ready and eat me a bowl of Lucky Charms until you get here." "Alright, sweetie, see you soon." I blew him a kiss through the phone and he returned it. When I hung up the phone, Mookie walked into the room smiling. Claudea told me you were spending the weekend with Terrell," she said. "Yeah," I told her with a grin from ear to ear.


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Life & Love Engels | Paperback | 9781425775841 | 200 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumseptember 2007
Aantal pagina's200 pagina's
AuteurA & Moorer Jackquline Stephon | A. & Moorer Jackquline Stephon
Co-auteurA. & Moorer Jackquline Stephon
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelThe Ultimate Sacrifice
Thema Subject CodeFB , FBA

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