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My Father's Sons

Engels | Paperback | 9781420892451 | 356 pagina's

Louis, A. Birenbaum, Louis A Birenbaum - 9781420892451


Engels | Paperback | 9781420892451 | 356 pagina's

Everyone has their unique "story." Steven Spielberg and others have strongly suggested that we tell our story not only for catharsis, but also to inform the younger generation(s) in our family and leave a written legacy. My Father's Son's is an autobiography. It is an intimate description of a poor, illiterate, immigrant family growing up in Toronto with four sons: an accountant, doctor, lawyer and pharmacist. Louis, the author, is the youngest who describes: the drowning of his best friend, sibling rivalry that resembles the biblical episode, "Joseph and the Coat of Many Colours," legal battles with three brothers, and how Louis ("Joseph") emerges from the "pit." Using family photographs, the author vividly depicts the sadness, pathos, anger, humour, joy, depression, sex, and relationships that accompany his "voyage" The second section of the book encapsulates his personal growth and development. This will give the reader many practical ideas on how to embark or continue on a life of discovery and fulfillment. The author believes that, "The life which is unexamined is a life not worth living." (Plato 428-348 Be Some of the special places, "peak experiences" and ideas presented include: Esalen Institute, Findhorn Foundation, Machu Picchu, Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, journaling, dream work, love, the "God within" and friendships. The Epilogue is about the surprise diagnosis of cancer. The author's battle with cancer provides many helpful ideas for others who are battling a disease or affliction. The reader will be inspired by not only the progress from hospital bed to joyful meditative walks, but also the coping mechanisms to promote healthful living. My Father's Sons is about life, personal transformation, and coping with illness and surprise events like cancer. The insights and practical ideas will enhance your life. The author urges you to write your story.


 Levertijd:   9 - 14 dagen


My Father's Sons Engels | Paperback | 9781420892451 | 356 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumjuli 2006
Aantal pagina's356 pagina's
AuteurLouis, A. Birenbaum | Louis A Birenbaum
Originele TitelMy Father's Sons: An Autobiography about Life, Sibling Rivalry, Personal Growth and Coping with Cancer
EditieNew title
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelAn Autobiography About Life, Sibling Rivalry, Personal Growth and Coping With Cancer

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