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Homines Funera Astra

Engels | Paperback | 9781407310084 | 13 september 2012 | 207 pagina's

- 9781407310084


Engels | Paperback | 9781407310084 | 13 september 2012 | 207 pagina's

The study of burial practices, of human attitudes and behaviour in the face of death, has been an important part of archaeological research from its very beginnings. Some funerary discoveries have achieved sensational fame. Yet beyond this the archaeological community quickly came to understand that it is possible to gain as much information about the lives of past people from studying their funerary behaviour as it is from studying their daily activities and the resultant artefacts. This volume gathers together the majority of the papers presented at the International Symposium on Funerary Anthropology, ‘Homines, Funera, Astra’, which took place at ‘1 Decembrie 1918’ University of Alba Iulia, 5–8 June 2011. The theme of the conference, aimed to address the investigation of human osteological remains and burial practices specific to the prehistory and history in Central and Eastern Europe. Contents: 1) Spirituality of Palaeolithic burials: offerings of decorative items and body ornaments (Valentin-Codrin Chirica, Vasile Chirica); 2) Considerations regarding the Palaeolithic anthropological discoveries in Romania and the Republic of Moldova (Madalin-Cornel Valeanu); 3) On Palaeolithic social inequality: The funerary evidence (Mircea Anghelinu); 4) Burial practices in the Iron Gates Mesolithic (Adina Boroneant, Clive Bonsall); 5) Bioarchaeological inferences from Neolithic human remains at Alba Iulia-Lumea Noua (Transylvania, Romania) (Mihai Gligor, Mariana Rosu, Viorel Panaitescu 6) Gendered bodies and objects in a mortuary domain: Comparative analysis of Durankulak cemetery ); (Susan Stratton, Dusan Boric); 7) Adornments from the Hamangia cemetery excavated at Cernavoda – Columbia D. Contextual analysis (Raluca Kogalniceanu); 8) Shell adornments from the Hamangia cemetery excavated at Cernavoda – Columbia D. Techno-typological analysis (Monica Margarit); 9) Traditions, Rules and Exceptions in the Eneolithic Cemetery from Sultana – Malu Rosu (Southeast Romania) (Catalin Lazar, Madalina Voicu, Gabriel Vasile); 10) Anthropological research of the Komariv type (Middle Bronze Age) tumular cemetery, at Adancata (Suceava County, Romania) (Angela Simalcsik, Bogdan Petru Niculica); 11) Coins and pebbles from the Anglo-Georgian excavations at Pichvnari (Michael Vickers); 12) Funerary rite and rituals of the Early Sarmatians (second and first centuries BC) in the area between the mouths of the Don and the Danube (Funerary customs of Scythians and Thracians: a lexical analysis (Vitalie Barca); 13) Infant Burials in Roman Dobrudja. A report of work in progress: The case of Ibida (Slava Rusa) (Alexander Rubel, Andrei D. Soficaru); 14) Aspects of everyday life in Scythia Minor reflected in some funerary discoveries from Ibida (Slava Rusa, Tulcea County) (Dan Aparaschivei, Mihaela Iacob, Andrei D. Soficaru, Dorel Paraschiv); 15) Early Roman and Late Roman child graves in Dobrudja (Romania) (Irina Achim).


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Homines Funera Astra Engels | Paperback | 9781407310084 | 13 september 2012 | 207 pagina's
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