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Mary Margret Daughtridge SEALed Bundle

Engels | E-book | 9781402263040 | 1232 pagina's

Mary Daughtridge - 9781402263040


Engels | E-book | 9781402263040 | 1232 pagina's

A new star in romantic fiction, Mary Margret Daughtridge ''delivers in a huge way'' (Romantic Times) with action-packed stories and, of course, captivating Navy SEALs.

Now find out where it all started with the first three books in Mary Margret Daughtridge's series for one low price. This bundle includes SEALed with a Kiss, SEALed with a Promise, and SEALed with a Ring, each delivering a sizzling hot hero and sensual satisfaction.

About the Books in This Bundle:

SEALed with a Kiss

Jax Graham is a member of an elite military team, but when it comes to taking care of his four-year-old son after his ex-wife dies, he's completely clueless. Family therapist Pickett Sessoms knows just how to help a rough, tough Navy SEAL deal with a scared and lonely little boy, but not if he insists on going it alone.

When Jax and his young son Tyler get trapped by a hurricane, Pickett takes them in against her better judgment. Jax figures Pickett's high maintenance, just like all the women he knows, and she figures he's not commitment material. But when an outing turns deadly, Pickett discovers what it means to be a SEAL, and Jax discovers that even a hero needs help sometimes...

''Daughtridge delivers a well-written romance that is simultaneously tender and sensuous.''-Booklist

''[I]t delivers in a huge way... a heart-touching story that will keep you smiling and cheering for the characters clear through to the happy ending.'' -Romantic Times

SEALed with a Promise

Navy SEAL Caleb Delaude is deadly charming. When he discovers that professor Emmie Caddington's personal connections can help him get the dirty work done, he sets out to win her over. But her quick intelligence and quirky personality sure do start to get under his skin...

Emmie's smart and independent and isn't looking for a brawny guy to take over her life. But this rugged Navy SEAL, who seems so determined to get close to her, hides a fierce intelligence and deep sensitivity. When plans go wrong and a child's life is on the line, Emmie learns what it means to be a SEAL in action, and Caleb discovers that even a hero can get hurt sometimes...

''The author infuses humor, realistic characters, emotion-filled situations, and in some cases brutal honesty to create a storyline that's utterly captivating from beginning to end.''-Romance Junkies

''Mary Margret Daughtridge's descriptions awaken the senses to a level that makes a reader gasp for breath and sigh with satisfaction.''-Long and Short of It

SEALed with a Ring

Smart, successful businesswoman JJ Caruthers has a year to land a husband or lose the empire she's worked so hard to build. With time running out, romance is not an option, and a military husband who is always on the road begins to look like the perfect solution...

Even with the scars of battle, Navy SEAL medic Davy Graziano is gorgeous enough to land any woman he wants, and he's never wanted to be tied down. Now Davy has ulterior motives for accepting JJ's outrageous proposal of marriage, but he only has so long to figure out what JJ doesn't want him to know...

''Enjoyable and sensual romance that whets the reader's appetite for more tales of these brave SEALs.'' -Night Owl Romance

''With a surprising amount of heart, Daughtridge makes a familiar story read like new... one for the keeper shelves.''-Romantic Times


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Mary Margret Daughtridge SEALed Bundle Engels | E-book | 9781402263040 | 1232 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumfebruari 2011
Aantal pagina's1232 pagina's
Ebook formaatAdobe ePub
AuteurMary Daughtridge
UitgeverSourcebooks Casablanca
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