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Italian All In One For Dummies

Engels | Hardcover | 9781118510605 | 20 september 2013 | 672 pagina's

C Dummies, Francesca Romana Onofri - 9781118510605


Engels | Hardcover | 9781118510605 | 20 september 2013 | 672 pagina's

Learn to speak Italian like a native? Easy. Italian All-in-One For Dummies appeals to those readers looking for a comprehensive, all-encompassing guide to mastering the Italian language.


  • Italian For Dummies
  • Intermediate Italian For Dummies
  • Italian Grammar For Dummies
  • Italian Verbs For Dummies
  • Italian Phrases For Dummies
  • Italian For Dummies Audio Set

Your all-encompassing guide to speaking, reading, and writing Italian

Buongiorno! Italian All-in-One For Dummies brings together content from the Italian Dummies library into one handy guide that covers all the bases of the Italian language. Plus, go beyond the book and get online for access to even more opportunities to practice speaking the language. If you want to improve your Italian, whether it's for work, travel, or enjoyment, Italian All-in-One For Dummies has you covered.

  • Talkin'the talk — explore some basic Italian pronunciations and phrases, common greetings, and everyday conversational topics
  • Out and about — get the know-how to confidently navigate public transportation, dine out, find a hotel, and handle an emergency in Italian-speaking regions
  • Get down with grammar — grasp the various parts of speech, including nouns, articles, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and tenses
  • If you build it... — find out how to build compound tenses, use reflexive verbs in the past, master the past conditional and past perfect, get a grip on progressing through gerunds in Italian, and more

Open the book and find:

  • Popular Italian phrases and expressions
  • How to get numbers, dates, and times in line
  • Tips for asking and answering questions
  • How to make Italian sentences grammatically correct
  • Correct ways to use verbs, tenses, and moods in Italian
  • Italian-English and English-Italian mini-dictionaries
  • Verb tables for conjugating commonly used verbs
  • Games and exercises


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Italian All In One For Dummies Engels | Hardcover | 9781118510605 | 20 september 2013 | 672 pagina's
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum20 september 2013
Aantal pagina's672
HoofdauteurC Dummies
Tweede AuteurFrancesca Romana Onofri
Co AuteurKaren Antje Moeller
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Gewicht886 g
Product breedte185 mm
Product hoogte34 mm
Product lengte245 mm
Verpakking breedte187 mm
Verpakking hoogte38 mm
Verpakking lengte238 mm

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