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Hidden Agenda's; You Never Know Who Has One.

Lorenzo ''El Gee'' Gladden, Lorenzo ''El Gee'' Gladden - 9780991171910


Silhouettes of two lovers are cast upon the walls by the flickering light of the spiced apple scented candles. The ambiance is intensified by the soothing voice of your favorite songbird. Chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne on ice are the chosen consumptions for the occasion. As you pull away the bitten strawberry from the lips of your lover, you gaze into his eyes. A warm sensation fills your body because you now feel that you have found your soul mate. If you could look deeper into those eyes you love so much, you would not find the love you've been so desperately seeking. You would find a hidden agenda masked by what you thought was true love. Hidden Agendas takes you on a journey with Andre Marshall, a smooth talking, lady's man trying to go straight and find the one piece of the puzzle that his life is missing and the women searching for more than just love. After his reign as a super senior comes to an end by graduation, he accepts a position as head writer with a Georgia based television network. Andre has to relocate his life from a small city in South Carolina to Atlanta leaving behind Alicia Burroughs, his best friend since the fourth grade and the only woman that ever truly loved him but never told him for fear that he would pass up on his dream to stay with her. On the day he arrives in Atlanta, Alicia expresses her hidden love for her best friend and tells him that she will come to him after graduation in the spring. A promotion pushes Andre to a higher position and into a higher tax bracket. As he begins to rub elbows with another class of women, how can he maintain focus on Alicia? Old habits begin to creep up on him and he allows himself to fall weak to the desires of the flesh. When a man has an abundance of quality women to choose from, what can the outcome be? Who will he choose? Will his selected woman be true?"


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Hidden Agenda's; You Never Know Who Has One.
AuteurLorenzo ''El Gee'' Gladden
Gewicht702 g
Verpakking breedte152 mm
Verpakking hoogte27 mm
Verpakking lengte229 mm

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