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Yoga for Dragon Riders

Engels | 9780987992307 | 282 pagina's

Katrina Hokule'A Ariel - 9780987992307


Engels | 9780987992307 | 282 pagina's

YOGA FOR DRAGON RIDERS is an extensive manual on yoga and subtle energy. Written for fantasy lovers, this unconventional yoga book is a joy to read. Think of it as a "choose your own journey" yoga manual, filled with instantly accessible exercises. It weaves a theme of empowerment and infinite possibility with contents that include comprehensive how-to instruction and exercises on the following topics: Yoga's foundational philosophy, principles of integrity (Yamas and Niyamas), yoga poses including alignment and sequences breathing exercises (Pranayama), meditation, mantra, energy healing, sacred texts, and more These practices can help you create inner peace, physical wellbeing, clarity of mind, and life-changing happiness. Though the theme of this training is light-hearted and unconventional, the subjects covered are comprehensive to the extent that this manual has been used in teacher trainings and by yoga teachers to deepen their own knowledge. That said, a raw beginner receives an accessible guide to the full spectrum of yoga as well. What does yoga have to do with dragons? Well, in the symbolic sense, dragons can represent the energy of the breath, opening to its nourishing current like the spreading of wings. The movement of asana (yoga postures) on your mat can be like riding a dragon, requiring skill, strength, focus and courage. Dragons are wisdom-keepers, and yoga's wisdom is seemingly infinite. And the mystical energy of Kundalini-the rising serpent-could also be represented by a dragon. Perhaps you even believe in dragons. Many people do, you know. Dragons have long symbolized power and transformation. To be a Dragon Rider is to claim your power and embrace your personal purpose of your life. What is that purpose? It's up to you to find out. When it comes to the physical practice of yoga, you'll find hundreds of photos and exceptional alignment instruction. As with the entire book, the asana section is designed so you can "choose your own journey." You can do the poses that work for your body, and skip anything that isn't something you want to do right now. Beginners can focus on the single pose descriptions, and build simple sequences from the full ones offered. For the advanced and intermediate practitioners, you'll find creative and engaging sequences that will challenge you in the most delightful way Here is a Preview of What You Will Receive: Friendly, accessible instruction that allows you to start doing yoga right awayEasy to understand explanations of yoga's philosophical foundations, with encouragement to take what works for you and let the rest go, Step-by-step alignment cuesComprehensive yoga asana sequencesA wealth of meditations and affirmations that bring you a sense of clarity and calm, Energy healing techniquesStep-by-step instruction on breathing practices (pranayama), and much more Check Out What Others Are Saying . . . "This book is extremely well written and laid out, I have already learned so much. 'The space between breath' - wow, this is incredible Everything is explained in such a perfect and loving way." M. Morrison "Yoga for Dragon Riders is a transformational ROAR " E. Beeds "This book contains a wealth of illustrated, excellent, specific suggestions for all who are interested in yoga on and off the mat." C. Ewy Tags: Yoga Guide, Yoga for Beginners, How To Meditate, Relaxation, Yoga for Stress, Yoga Poses, Inner Peace, Energy Healing, Mantra, Akashic Records, Fantasy, Dragons


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Yoga for Dragon Riders Engels | 9780987992307 | 282 pagina's
Verschijningsdatummaart 2012
Aantal pagina's282 pagina's
AuteurKatrina Hokule'A Ariel
UitgeverArtprana Publishing
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelYoga. Breath. Meditation. Mantra. Energy. Ancient Wisdom for Everyday People.

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