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The Integrated Being

Engels | Paperback | 9780982233108 | 06 december 2008 | 374 pagina's

Sharon Lund - 9780982233108


Engels | Paperback | 9780982233108 | 06 december 2008 | 374 pagina's

Sharon Lund s firsthand experience with trauma, death, and AIDS was instrumental in developing a highly effective program to help people overcome tremendous emotional and physical challenges. As an international speaker, spiritual teacher, and writer, her transformational work has been a guiding light to those who seek deeper wisdom. Sharon s life experiences have led her to impact audiences around the World throughout the United States, into Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan. She has also spoken at the White House, has appeared on: The Oprah Winfrey Show, 48 Hours, Eye on America, and CNN, and was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine. If you have experienced limitations, negative thought patterns, illness, grief, worry, sadness, resentment or abuse, you can be healed and can live from a place of personal empowerment. This book presents over 47 proven techniques that allow you to transform your thinking and your emotional state into one of physical wellness and inner peace. The Integrated Being: Techniques to Heal Your Mind-Body-Spirit reveals: How our mind-body-spirit integrates as a whole How we deceptively believe that what we see is all there is How we can change our thinking and, therefore, change our circumstances How life can be viewed from a full spectrum, embracing higher levels of truth, joy, and love Sharon s greatest wish is that we all discover our authentic selves and we live our lives as whole, integrated beings with purpose and passion. ENDORSEMENTS "A book that inspires with the loving guidance to instruct, is of great use to any Seeker. If you have picked up this book, you are a Seeker. You have found a guide for your travels. When we have journeyed through the abysses of the deepest of life's traumas and triumphs, as Sharon has; when we have seen the importance of finding union between our body, mind, and spirit, then we make room for our soul. Sharon carries us through that journey, with compassion combined with structured exercises, love interfaced with self-instruction, kindness actioned by schedule. Let your brain awaken with the guidance of this book. Let your mind wonder how it can still explore uncharted territories. Let your soul witness the yog, or union, of all the components that are You. " Bhaswati Bhattacharya, M.D., MPH, HHC, holistic physician, author; founder of the Dinacharya Institute for Wise Medicine, New York, NY Sharon Lund s book will inspire those of us who feel we are innocent victims; and she gives hope that we can change our attitudes, let go of the past and have a purpose in life that is greater than ourselves. Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. co-author of A Mini Course for Life Love is Letting Go of Fear To become Whole Beings requires an integration of Being. When the mind sinks into the heart the whole of us begins to appear. Sharon s book calls on this arising. Stephen and Ondrea Levine authors of A Year To Live: How to Live This Year as if It Were Your Last The Integrated Being is a precious, holy, practical book. If Sharon Lund can live and love despite having AIDS, then anyone can soak this book into your cells and be healed and free. Christiane Northrup, M.D. author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women s Bodies, Women s Wisdom"


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The Integrated Being Engels | Paperback | 9780982233108 | 06 december 2008 | 374 pagina's
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum06 december 2008
Aantal pagina's374
IllustratiesMet illustraties
HoofdauteurSharon Lund
HoofduitgeverijSacred Life Publishers
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Gewicht500 g
Verpakking breedte152 mm
Verpakking hoogte19 mm
Verpakking lengte229 mm

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