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Corporate Recruiter Reveals

Engels | Paperback | 9780982095409 | 216 pagina's

Kelly Smith - 9780982095409


Engels | Paperback | 9780982095409 | 216 pagina's

Corporate Recruiter Reveals Who Gets Hired and Why demystifies and personalizes the human resource office by spelling out the steps required for getting a job and advancing within your company. The book is written from a highly successful, current hands-on corporate recruiter perspective. Many books on the market today are written by those that study staffing, consult on a part-time basis, or are far removed from the day-to-day life of a recruiter that is sourcing, screening and extending offers to job seekers. Author, Kelly Smith, has been in the trenches interacting with the hiring authorities to find out what they are requiring from a quality candidate. Corporate Recruiter Reveals Who Gets Hired and Why will assist the unemployed as well as the currently employed looking to advance their career within their current company or looking to make a move elsewhere. On average, every 2 to 5 years an employee is looking for their new employer and the length of time shortens when it comes to how long an employee will stay in the same position of employment. Corporate Recruiter Reveals Who Gets Hired and Why reveals actual emails, cover letters, resumes and phone screens for the reader to view and refer to. The reader can see what other job seekers have done correctly to win their job offer or what mistakes they've made during the interview with their resume or cover letter. Lastly, another advantage this book provides is sample templates for the full-life-cycle recruitment process, including the rarely mentioned, offer letter process. In her book, Kelly Smith, doesn't tell the reader she shows the reader what has or has not worked in real life job seeking situations. Happy Job Hunting


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Corporate Recruiter Reveals Engels | Paperback | 9780982095409 | 216 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumaugustus 2013
Aantal pagina's216 pagina's
AuteurKelly Smith
UitgeverExcellent Enterprises Llc
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelWho Gets Hired and Why
Thema Subject CodeKJ , VSC , VSC

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