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Publicity Tactics

Engels | Paperback | 9780971640726 | 186 pagina's

Marcia Yudkin - 9780971640726


Engels | Paperback | 9780971640726 | 186 pagina's

Get Noticed, Grow Your Brand, Gain Market Share
It's hard to beat the impact of appearing on radio or TV, in newspapers and magazines-or on a popular podcast or blog. Discover how to skyrocket your credibility and visibility and boost your sales from publicity.
Having schemed up media appearances for herself and clients for nearly 30 years, Marcia Yudkin offers creative, low-budget tips for earning and capitalizing on public attention.
"I really liked two things about Marcia Yudkin's new book, PublicityTactics: 1) Easy to consume nuggets that allow the reader to turn to a page, read a strategy and put it into immediate use and 2) Real life examples of someone who lives it rather than just reports on what some publicity tactics are. If you're hiring a new full or part time publicity person to your team, have them read Marcia's book in their first week as part of their training " -Christopher Knight, CEO, EzineArticles.com
"Marcia Yudkin has succeeded at distilling absolutely everything we need to know to get media attention into a quick read offering indispensable tips, action steps, and anecdotes. It's an essential resource for every busy business owner who wants-and needs-to get priceless publicity." -Sandra Beckwith, author of Publicity for Nonprofits and Streetwise Complete Publicity Plans
"In a book that is as personable and straightforward as she is, Marcia Yudkin offers a complete guide to generating media attention while demystifying the world of publicity. Publicity Tactics is chock-full of insights, tips, tactics, and real-world examples that can put any practitioner on equal footing with a high-priced PR firm." -Mickie Kennedy, Founder and CEO, eReleases.com


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Publicity Tactics Engels | Paperback | 9780971640726 | 186 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumnovember 2010
Aantal pagina's186 pagina's
AuteurMarcia Yudkin
UitgeverCreative Ways Publishing
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelInsights on Creating Lucrative Media Buzz
Thema Subject CodeKJP , CBW , KJS , KJSP

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