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Rules For Revolutionaries

Engels | 1e druk | Paperback | 9780887309953 | 224 pagina's

Guy Kawasaki, Michelle Moreno - 9780887309953


Engels | 1e druk | Paperback | 9780887309953 | 224 pagina's

Guy Kawasaki, CEO of garage.com and former chief evangelist of Apple Computer, Inc., presents his manifesto for world-changing innovation, using his battle-tested lessons to help revolutionaries become visionaries. Create Like a God Turn conventional wisdom on its head-create revolutionary products and services by analyzing how to approach the problems at hand. Command Like a King Take charge and make tough, insightful, and strategic decisions-break down the barriers that prevent product adoption and avoid death magnets (the stupid mistakes just about everyone makes). Work Like a Slave Get ready for hard work, and lots of it. To go from revolutionary to visionary, you'll need to eat like a bird-relentlessly absorbing knowledge about your industry, customers, and competition--and poop like an elephant--spreading the large amount of information and knowledge that you've gained. Filled with insights from top innovators such as Amazon.com, Dell, Hallmark, and Gillette and rich with hands-on experience from the front lines of business, Rules for Revolutionaries will empower you--whether you're an entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, manager, or small business owner--to turn your dreams into reality, your reality into products, and your products into customer magnets.


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Rules For Revolutionaries Engels | 1e druk | Paperback | 9780887309953 | 224 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumjuli 2000
Druk1e druk
Afmetingen20,3 x 13,3 x 1,3 cm
Aantal pagina's224 pagina's
AuteurGuy Kawasaki | Michelle Moreno
UitgeverHarperCollins Publishers Inc
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelThe Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services

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