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Making Waves

Engels | Druk: 1 | Losbladig | 9780857082121 | 192 pagina's

Mark Davies, Tina Catling - 9780857082121


Engels | Druk: 1 | Losbladig | 9780857082121 | 192 pagina's

This book will Make Waves! Davies and Catling challenge you to change how you promote your company in new and exciting ways --Sir Tom Farmer Perceptive insights into the world of marketing, brought to life in a straightforward practical easy read --Steve Barrass, Thomas Cook The world of marketing is a turbulent place, moving at an incredible pace as trends change, zeitgeists rise and fall and the next big thing becomes tomorrow's news. For most, marketing has become a game of catch-up and bandwagon jumping. Making Waves takes a different tact by instructing you on how to add to the turbulence, ride the chaos and set free the enormous power incumbent in the masses by creating and sustaining your own movement; by Making Waves in the public consciousness. To help you to achieve this, we have outlined how to take advantage of the best of both digital marketing and direct marketing media--two of the most responsive disciplines in marketing ever--to mold a multi-faceted campaign which will persuade and excite, and imbue brands with rich emotional experiences and loyal relationships which put the customer at the heart of the communications, creating outstanding returns on marketing investment. This book will: * Open your eyes to the potential of Wave marketing * Take you from creating an idea to seeing it fully realised * Inform you on the right combination of media for any campaign


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Making Waves Engels | Druk: 1 | Losbladig | 9780857082121 | 192 pagina's
Verschijningsdatummei 2011
Afmetingen24,9 x 24,8 x 1,3 cm
Aantal pagina's192 pagina's
AuteurMark Davies | Tina Catling
Co-auteurTina Catling
UitgeverJohn Wiley And Sons Ltd
Extra groot lettertypeNee
NUR code800
SubtitelHow to Ride the Chaos with Direct Response Integrated Marketing

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