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International Network of Public Libraries

Ute Klaassen, Chris Wiersma - 9780810835771


Sponsored by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the International Network of Public Libraries series recognizes the challenges faced by today's librarians. Consisting of sixteen experts from ten countries, the network strives to create a forum in which information and expertise can be shared in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of libraries. Their approach is highly practice-oriented; case studies present especially successful solutions. This series is an innovative resource for public library professionals. Ute Klaassen of the Gutersloh City Library, Germany and Chris Wiersma of the Groenigen City Library, the Netherlands, apply the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) to the field of library science. They propose models and strategies for meeting the needs and expectations of library customers in order to gain their acceptance and loyalty. Thierry Giappiconi of the City Library of Fresnes, France, discusses the implementation of marketing tools and techniques to complement and augment existing library strategies, discussing factors such as product, price, distribution, and promotion. Giappiconi cites the importance of setting high standards of customer service through close examination of customer needs.




International Network of Public Libraries

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