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Speaking of God

Engels | 1e druk | 9780802845726 | 352 pagina's

D. Stephen Long - 9780802845726


Engels | 1e druk | 9780802845726 | 352 pagina's

D. Stephen Long here addresses a key question in current theological debate: the conditions of the possibility of -God-talk, - along with attending questions about natural theology, fideism, and theological truth-claims. He engages not only the most significant contemporary theologians and philosophers on this score (Denys Turner, Bruce Marshall, John Milbank, Charles Taylor, Fergus Kerr) but also the legacy of twentieth-century theology (Barth, von Balthasar) and the analytic philosophical tradition from Wittgenstein to Davidson. Throughout, Long sustains a careful exegetical engagement with Aquinas, showing that what's at stake in contemporary theology is justhow we inherit St. Thomas. In joining all of these voices into one conversation, Long does a remarkable job of surveying the current theological scene with respect to issues of language and truth, arguing for the need to deal head-on with classical questions of metaphysics. Central to his project is averting the charge of -fideism- so often laid at the feet of -postliberal- approaches (like Long's). To that end Long argues for a (chastened) natural theology, while challenging any simple distinction between -natural- and -confessional- theology.




Speaking of God Engels | 1e druk | 9780802845726 | 352 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumjuli 2009
Druk1e druk
Afmetingen22,2 x 15,2 x 2,5 cm
Aantal pagina's352 pagina's
AuteurD. Stephen Long
UitgeverWilliam B Eerdmans Publishing Co
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelTheology, Language and Truth

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