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Introduction to Analog VLSI Design Automation

Engels | Druk: 1990 ed. | Hardcover | 9780792390718 | 186 pagina's

Mohammed Ismail - 9780792390718


Engels | Druk: 1990 ed. | Hardcover | 9780792390718 | 186 pagina's

Very large scale integration (VLSI) technologies are now maturing with a current emphasis toward submicron structures and sophisticated applications combining digital as well as analog circuits on a single chip. Abundant examples are found on today's advanced systems for telecom- munications, robotics, automotive electronics, image processing, intelli- gent sensors, etc .. Exciting new applications are being unveiled in the field of neural computing where the massive use of analog/digital VLSI technologies will have a significant impact. To match such a fast technological trend towards single chip ana- logi digital VLSI systems, researchers worldwide have long realized the vital need of producing advanced computer aided tools for designing both digital and analog circuits and systems for silicon integration. Ar- chitecture and circuit compilation, device sizing and the layout genera- tion are but a few familiar tasks on the world of digital integrated circuit design which can be efficiently accomplished by matured computer aided tools. In contrast, the art of tools for designing and producing analog or even analogi digital integrated circuits is quite primitive and still lack- ing the industrial penetration and acceptance already achieved by digital counterparts. In fact, analog design is commonly perceived to be one of the most knowledge-intensive design tasks and analog circuits are still designed, largely by hand, by expert intimately familiar with nuances of the target application and integrated circuit fabrication process. The techniques needed to build good analog circuits seem to exist solely as expertise invested in individual designers.


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Introduction to Analog VLSI Design Automation Engels | Druk: 1990 ed. | Hardcover | 9780792390718 | 186 pagina's
Druk1990 ed.
Verschijningsdatummei 1990
Aantal pagina's186 pagina's
AuteurMohammed Ismail
RedacteurMohammed Ismail
Co-redacteurJosé E. Franca
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Thema Subject CodeUGC , THR

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