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Popular Leadership in the Presidency

Engels | Hardcover | 9780739144190 | 184 pagina's

Karen S. Hoffman, Karen Hoffman - 9780739144190


Engels | Hardcover | 9780739144190 | 184 pagina's

"Karen S. Hoffman's Popular Leadership in the Presidency is an important contribution to the literature on the rhetorical presidency. She offers a valuable perspective on the earliest history of presidential relations with the public. Her attention to detail is impressive, her writing is clear, and her analysis is insightful. This book will be welcomed by scholars in history, political science, and communication."-Mary E. Stuckey, Georgia State University

"Popular Leadership in the Presidency demonstrates that U.S. presidents and the public had forged a strong and enduring relationship long before the 24-hour news cycle and the Internet. In this enlightening and engagingly written book, Karen S. Hoffman argues that this connection is encouraged by the very structure of the presidency: the Constitution's placement of executive power in a single person who would perform the symbolic role of sole national leader and be indirectly elected. Focusing on specific instances involving each of the first four presidents, Hoffman traces their rhetorical strategies as the chief executives sought to respond to public expectations while adapting to prevailing political norms and emerging traditions. Rooted in rich and varied historical evidence and propelled by informed scholarly argument, her analysis broadens the study of presidential rhetoric well beyond public speeches to encompass presidential use of the partisan press, action and inaction, and even attire. The result is a fascinating tale of the origins and initial evolution of the ongoing ties between presidents and the citizens they represent."-Karen M. Hult, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Most research on the president's relationship with the public focuses on modern presidents because public support is perceived to be a tool of governance for presidents primarily in the modern era. Adopting a broad concept of presidential communication beyond policy speeches, Popular Leadership in the Presidency: Origins and Practice demonstrates how the structural elements of the presidency encourage a connection between the president and the public. The individual nature of the executive, the symbolic authority attached to the position of the national leader, and the rapid democratization of the selection process place the president in a visible office that attracts the attention of the public. An examination of the first four presidents demonstrates the broad range of rhetorical strategies they practiced and the way in which the institutional structure encourages popular leadership.


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Popular Leadership in the Presidency Engels | Hardcover | 9780739144190 | 184 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumaugustus 2010
Aantal pagina's184 pagina's
IllustratiesMet illustraties
AuteurKaren S. Hoffman | Karen Hoffman
UitgeverLexington Books
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelOrigins and Practice

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