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The Angel Chronicles

Engels | Hardcover | 9780738869636 | 380 pagina's

The Angel Auberon, The Angel Auberon - 9780738869636


Engels | Hardcover | 9780738869636 | 380 pagina's

The Angel Chronicles

Books I-VThe Guardian Angelsby the Angel Auberon

''The Angel Chronicles tells the romantic tale of the beginning of human life and of the angelsĀ“ concern for human beings that resulted in their forming an assembly of Guardian Angels.

If you believe in angels, all the better. But, even if you do not believe in angels, and see them only as a symbol of beauty and perfection, you will want to read this book.

In the context of an enchanting story beautifully told you will find many insights into human psychology and the human spirit.

This unusual and inspiring book is a must for everyone.''Hemmings P.G. Knight***

''The Angel Chronicles is magic. It is a small book of big believing...it can change your life.''Micheline Renauld***

The Angel Chronicles

Books I-VThe Guardian Angels by the Angel Auberon

AuberonĀ“s Words of Introduction

At the very beginning God asked the Angel Auberon, the most noble of the Principalities, to chronicle the events of all time. Auberon did as he was asked. In the year 2001 Auberon requested permission to come to Earth to tell his story. Auberon came to us at The White Notebook (R) Library, entrusting us with the story he wished to give to those who lived on Earth. The story he left behind is one of love and of angel beneficence. It is entitled The Angel Chronicles. In his book, Auberon describes how the world was created, how human life on Earth began and how the angels forever found ways to make a meaningful contribution to human beings.

We at The White Notebook felt that Auberon left us with not only his words but with a greater respect for our potential as human beings, with intelligent optimism and, for many of us, a return to hopefulness.***

We have listed for you below the Table of Contents and synopsis related to Book I.
Book I The Primary Angels
The Existence of Angels God Creates the Earth Silvond Names the Constellations The Twin Angels The Assignment of Guardian Angels The Guardian Angels According to Day of Birth The Angels in Guardiance of Domestic Pets

The Primary Angels

God decided that the time had come to create a universe of worlds. In it would be a planet called Earth. God sent the angels out from their home in the beyondness for He had decided that the Earth would be sung into existence by them.

The angels set to begin their work. Their finely feathered wings carried them in flight until they reached the center of the vast space of time. There they stopped. They breathed their beautiful breaths as they looked about and considered what they were to accomplish.

The angels first sang into existence the planets and stars and the sun and the moon. They next sang their angel music until the Earth was made. All things upon the Earth the angels next sang into being, the mountains and rivers, and also the variety of creatures God wished to inhabit the Earth.

In this way the entire physical world emanated from purely spiritual beings: God and His angel emissaries.

The angels thought they might rest. But Michael the Archangel came to them in a dream to remind them that they were also to sing into life the most wondrous of all creatures, the human beings. The angels were astonished. Nonetheless, they sang the most beautiful of alleluias and human beings were brought into existence.

When the angels saw the first human beings walk about the Earth, they fell in love. It was inevitable that the angels would fall in love with the human beings, more like the angels than any other creature in the universe. As a result of their love, the angels asked Michael the Archangel if they might remain on the Earth to care for their splendid creation.

A choir of Guardian Angels did not exist at that time. As there had been no human beings, there were no angels needed to care for them. Although Michael had to ponder the request for quite a long time, he eventually agreed with the angels. Such unique creatures as human beings were worthy of angel protection and guidance. Michael announced that a company of angels was going to be formed to live upon the Earth in guardiance of human beings.

Michael selected the Guardian Angels. He assigned them to human beings according to the Palace in which each human being was born. This was precisely noted in the sacred texts.

The Guardian Angels brought specific attributes to the human beings in their care: attributes related to character, love, work and well-being. From the moment of their assignment, Guardian Angels were available to human beings seeking a relationship with them. Many human beings were quick to place themselves in angel beneficence.

Through the ensuing centuries human beings have continued to enjoy the inspiration of their Guardian Angels, and the sense of belonging the relationship engenders. They feel supported in expressing their authentic selves at full capacity. They sense the possibility for transformation. ***

We have listed for you below the Table of Contents and synopsis related to Book II. Book II Conversation with Angels
The Mandala Divina and Deara Send a Letter to Earth A Prayer and Inspiration A Day The Need for Repose The Use of Bells Saying Goodnight The Ring of Eternity

Conversation with Angels

The Guardian Angels soon discovered that human beings were unable to form meaningful relationships with them. Michael called upon the twin angels, Divina and Deara, for their help. Because Divina and Deara were twins, they had experienced an unusual opportunity to develop skill at relating. Michael could not have made a better choice.

As part of their honored work, the twins first invented a Mandala, a consecrated object meant to help human beings focus their minds on the angels. The twins wanted human beings to concentrate their attention in order to make contact, but also to arrive at a meditative state of mind. In the meditative state the mind is open to the flow of ideas. It is an atmosphere conducive to angel conversation.

The twins reminded Michael that the foundation of all relationships is communication. A relationship partner must first be receptive. Then he or she must know what to say.

But what does one say when the relationship is between a sacred being and a human being, between an overwhelmingly powerful being and a human being in search of empowerment through his or her creative collaboration with a Guardian Angel?

The twins chose Prayer to be the form of communication. Prayer would bring a powerful and transcendent dynamic to the conversations. The twins composed a system of Prayers and Inspirations.

The Prayer would be spoken by the human partner and the Inspiration would be considered the likely angel response to complete the thought. The twins created a Prayer and an Inspiration for each day of the month. Underlying the dialogue was a subtle program intended to enhance human awareness and personal empowerment.

As life is effortful and, the angels recognized, the work of personal freedom is also effortful, Divina and Deara inspired human beings with methods to approach calmness and peaceful sleep at the close of the day.

We have listed for you below the Table of Contents rela


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The Angel Chronicles Engels | Hardcover | 9780738869636 | 380 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumjanuari 2002
Aantal pagina's380 pagina's
IllustratiesMet illustraties
AuteurThe Angel Auberon | The Angel Auberon
Co-auteurThe Angel Auberon
UitgeverXlibris Corporation
Extra groot lettertypeNee

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