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Together for a Season

Engels | Druk: New title | Paperback | 9780715140635 | 256 pagina's

Gill Ambrose, Peter Craig-Wild - 9780715140635


Engels | Druk: New title | Paperback | 9780715140635 | 256 pagina's

Together for a Season is a practical travelling companion for the journey through the Church's year. Aimed at all those planning and leading worship and those working with children and adults in groups, it offers a rich array of creative material designed to bring to life the seasonal liturgy of Lent, Holy Week and Easter, including Pentecost. Drawing on the material offered in Common Worship: Times and Seasons, this book includes: An introduction to each of the seasons of Lent, Holy Week and Easter; Fully worked-out all-age services for all the key dates, including the start of Lent, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Ascension and Pentecost; Creative suggestions for incorporating multi-sensory elements into seasonal worship to encourage active participation and involvement from the whole church; A wealth of additional practical resources for use with groups of children and adults, at home and in outreach activities. There are three pathways through the material: the Lenten tree, Head, hands and heart and Stations of the cross. The book includes information on the origins of these symbols and suggestions as to how they might become a unifying thread in the worship of the whole congregation as they journey through Lent, Holy Week and Easter. Woven throughout are suggestions for how to lift the liturgical texts off the page to produce engaging, multi-sensory worship that encourages the participation of the whole people of God. The material is supported by a free CD-ROM, which includes illustrations and templates, the texts of services, and full-colour photographs to inspire your own worship.


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Together for a Season Engels | Druk: New title | Paperback | 9780715140635 | 256 pagina's
DrukNew title
Verschijningsdatummaart 2007
Aantal pagina's256 pagina's
Auteur(s)Gill Ambrose | Peter Craig-Wild | Peter Moger | Diane Craven | Revd Canon Peter Moger
UitgeverChurch House Publishing
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Gewicht18 g
Verpakking breedte210 mm
Verpakking hoogte18 mm
Verpakking lengte297 mm

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