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Learning by Design

Engels | Paperback | 9780631232773 | 05 maart 2003 | 240 pagina's

A. B. (Rami) Shani, Peter Docherty - 9780631232773


Engels | Paperback | 9780631232773 | 05 maart 2003 | 240 pagina's

This book advances a design--based approach for the investigation and creation of sustainable organizations. The learning--by--design framework is utilized to examine learning in six successful companies in different industries and national settings and provides a roadmap for improving systematic learning in organizations.

Learning is an essential process for attaining and maintaining sustainability at both the individual and business level. Establishing a learning organization requires a whole-hearted and sustained endeavour. This book facilitates such an endeavour by providing both a coherent framework for analysis and practical models for action. It focuses on the choices organizations make about the design and implementation of specific learning mechanisms.

The authors illustrate this “learning-by-design” approach through six detailed case studies, taken from different industries and national settings and focusing on different aspects of organizational learning. They then present an overall analysis of the cases, capturing the nature of the learning requirements, design dimensions and mechanisms, and looking at how these link to each other and to company strategy, resources, and performance. Various learning paradoxes are discussed, as well as issues that merit further study.Students of management and organizational studies, academics in these fields, and executives will find this a valuable resource for learning, reflection, and practice.


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Learning by Design Engels | Paperback | 9780631232773 | 05 maart 2003 | 240 pagina's
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum05 maart 2003
Aantal pagina's240
HoofdauteurA. B. (Rami) Shani
Tweede AuteurPeter Docherty
Co AuteurPeter Docherty
Originele titelLearning by Design
EditieNew title
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Gewicht441 g
Product breedte173 mm
Product hoogte19 mm
Product lengte248 mm
Verpakking breedte171 mm
Verpakking hoogte19 mm
Verpakking lengte246 mm

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