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Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton B. A. of Trinity College Cambridge

Engels | Hardcover | 9780554259345 | 160 pagina's

Ac Benson, Ac Benson - 9780554259345


Engels | Hardcover | 9780554259345 | 160 pagina's

There are several forms of temperament. The kind that mostly issues in biography is the practical temperament. Poets have the shortest memoirs, and the most uninteresting. The politician, the philanthropist, the general, make the best, the most graphic Lives. The fact remains, however, that the question, ''What has he done?'' though a specious, is an unsatisfactory test of greatness.
But there is a temperament called the Reflective, which works slowly, and with little apparent result. The very gift of expression is a practical gift: with the gift of expression the reflective man becomes a writer, a poet, an artist; without it, he is unknown.
The reflective temperament, existing without any particular gift of expression, wants an exponent in these times. Reflection is lost sight of; philanthropy is all the rage. I assert that for a man to devote himself to a reflective life, that is, in the eyes of the world, an indolent one, is often a great sacrifice, and even on that account, if not essentially, valuable. Philanthropy is generally distressing, often offensive, sometimes disastrous.
Nothing, in this predetermined world, fails of its effect, as nothing is without its cause. There is a call to reflection which a man must follow, and his life then becomes an integral link in the chain of circumstance. Any intentional life affects the world; it is only the vague drifting existences that pass it by.
The subject of this memoir was, as the world counts reputation, unknown. His only public appearance, as far as I know, besides the announcement of his birth, is the fact that his initials stand in a dedication on the title-page of a noble work of fiction.
Arthur Hamilton left me his manuscripts, papers, and letters; from these, and casual conversations I have had with him in old days, this little volume is constructed.




Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton B. A. of Trinity College Cambridge Engels | Hardcover | 9780554259345 | 160 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumaugustus 2008
Afmetingen22,9 x 15,2 x 0,6 cm
Aantal pagina's160 pagina's
AuteurAc Benson | Ac Benson
Originele TitelMemoirs of Arthur Hamilton, B.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge
EditieLarge type / large print edition
Extra groot lettertypeJa

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