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Dark Moon

Engels | Druk: New ed | Paperback | 9780552142533 | 416 pagina's

David Gemmell, David A. Gemmell - 9780552142533


Engels | Druk: New ed | Paperback | 9780552142533 | 416 pagina's

A captivating all-action tale of bloodshed and brotherhood by the Sunday Times bestselling author David Gemmell, perfect for fans of Joe Abercrombie, Duncan M. Hamilton and Nicholas Eames. Gemmell is top of the tree in the fantasy field. -- STARLOG Gemmell's great reading - the action never lets up. He's several rungs above the good - right into the fabulous! -- ANNE MCCAFFREY Gemmell is a master at what he does. -- SFX Amazing characters, a fantastic story and perfect pacing all combined into an absolute stunner of a novel. -- ***** Reader review Absolutely riveting stuff as expected from a master of his craft. -- ***** Reader review Gripping and well written, leaving you wondering till the end! -- ***** Reader review ********************************************************** The peaceful Eldarin were the last of three ancient races. The mystical Oltor, healers and poets, had fallen before the dread power of the cruel and sadistic Daroth, who themselves had vanished from the face of the earth in one awesome night. The Great Northern Desert was their only legacy. Not a trace remained for a thousand years... Then on one unforgettable day, a dark moon rose above the Great Northern Desert, and a black tidal wave swept across the land. In moments, the desert had vanished beneath lush fields and forests and a great city could be seen glittering in the morning sunlight. From this city re-emerged the blood-hungry Daroth, powerful and immortal, immune to spear and sword. They had only one desire: to rid the world of humankind for ever. Now the fate of the human race rests on the talents of three heroes: Karis, warrior-woman and strategist; Tarantio, the deadliest swordsman of the age; and Duvodas the Healer, who will learn a terrible truth...




Dark Moon Engels | Druk: New ed | Paperback | 9780552142533 | 416 pagina's
DrukNew ed
Verschijningsdatumapril 1997
Aantal pagina's416 pagina's
Auteur(s)David Gemmell | David A. Gemmell
UitgeverTransworld Publishers Ltd
Gewicht212 g
Verpakking breedte106 mm
Verpakking hoogte178 mm
Verpakking lengte178 mm

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