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Our Story Of Atlantis

Engels | Hardcover | 9780548531860 | 228 pagina's

W. P. Phelon - 9780548531860


Engels | Hardcover | 9780548531860 | 228 pagina's

I t is not necessary for an author in these later days, always to bk able to say, he writes of his own knorvledge. This has be come a recognized fact. He may write fro111 anothers experience, in whose hoilesty and reliability, he has as much, and sometimes more confidence, than in his own personal sense. This is the . c. a Se with this little book, treating of a subject of interest to the whole world, to-day. For six years I have had the MSS. almost ready for the printer. Now, with the encouragement and helping hand of my Dear Comrades of the Hermetic Brotherhood, I am bid to let it go forth. May it be a heIp to the, wherever they Inay be. W. P. PHELON, hl. D. . - - CONTENTS CHAPTER I. Poem, Lost Atlantis. Why is this book written Authorities pointing to the existence of a former Continent and City. Definite assertion5 of destruction by deIuge, of a11 island Continent, positively declared. Testimony of the whirling straws, the flotsam and jetsam of the day. Concurrent evidence of the existence and iuflnence of these people on our civilization. PACU I CHAPTER I T . Poem, Atlantian Menlories. Continucd crossexamination of witnesses, hulnari and diviric, concerning the facts in evideilce of the csistence of Atlantis Island and City. Description of mountains, cities, cavcs, and other eviclencc5 of occupation by civilized and enlightened pcopIe. Speculations and deductio ls of the Past. Present and Future. PAGE CHAPTER 111. Begitining of a voyage. The attractive stranger. Acquaintance ripens rapidly. Such a face as children love and scoundrels tlate. All eloquent and instructive talker. Atlantiali inrmories seem to the new frie ld, personal experiences. The wonderful cities of the Past thathave disappeared. The little black-lettered manuscript in a strange language. History of Atlantis. Your desire for information on these lincs will he gratified. PAGE 41 . CHAPTER IV. The student and master of the Cabala. The solving of the problem, The odd volume from the Boston second-hand book store. The Fourth Con viii CONTENTS of Instruction. The wonderful play of visible form and color, never equaled elsewhere in the whole world, before or since. Supremely dominant now, in the affairs of the world. PAGE 17 4. CHAPTER XVI. The Cellars of the Great Elemental Mint and Treasury, under the Temple. Their occupants, uses and the influences up011 the State and world, then and n6w. Datc of the opening of these T veasuries to the inspection of the Temple Inspector. PAGE 186. CHAPTER XVII. The Treasury of the Temple its contents and uses. PAGE 1 CHAPTER XVIII. Concerning Convocations. The kinds and methods of calling and their uses and influence even upon the world of to-day. PAGE 197. CHAPTER XIX. The Messiah that must come is a nation and not an individual. It was the stone cut out of the mountain without hands. For this work and wait PAGS 203. CHAPTER XX. We, as Atlantians, did not break the law but we made a mistake. For our ignorance, we suffered. The iustrument cannot be superior to the Maker and User. PAGE 21 0. CHAPTER XXI. Corroborating evidence from the news of the present day, as it coines to the ears of the Vatchers on the Walls, -Atlantis, Egypt, India. PAGE 2 14 OUR STORY OF CHAPTER I. THE LOSS ATLANTIS. F AIR Atlantis, peerless country Lulled within the Oceans arms, I., ying beautiful and shining Far beneath the storms alarms Never has a plague come near thee In thy halls werelove and ease Now, above thee lost Atlantis Roll the ever restless seas...


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Our Story Of Atlantis Engels | Hardcover | 9780548531860 | 228 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumseptember 2007
Aantal pagina's228 pagina's
AuteurW. P. Phelon
UitgeverKessinger Publishing Co
Extra groot lettertypeNee
SubtitelWritten Down For The Hermetic Brotherhood

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