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Env Sci Paper 12E

Engels | Druk: 12 | Paperback | 9780495383376 | 430 pagina's

G. Tyler Jr Miller - 9780495383376


Engels | Druk: 12 | Paperback | 9780495383376 | 430 pagina's

Environmental issues affect every part of your life. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: WORKING WITH THE EARTH, Twelfth Edition, shows you how nature works, how we interact with it, and how we have sustained--and can continue to sustain--our relationship with the earth by applying nature?s lessons to our economies and individual lifestyles. This central theme of sustainability--the ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions--is clarified by an emphasis on natural capital (resources) and degradation, solutions, trade-offs, and the importance of individuals. If you have little or no science background, the book provides you with a solid grounding in the basics that will help you better understand environmental science concepts. Case studies--on topics ranging from the importance of insects to the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone Park to the world of nanotechnology--illustrate key topics and issues that affect your life. These cases inspire How Would You Vote? questions, which sharpen your critical thinking by asking you to consider facts, conflicting solutions, and trade-offs surrounding the issues, and then cast your vote. Multimedia resources offer other ways to learn. CengageNOW features Personalized Study Plans and interactive exercises and animations that help you master concepts. MP3 audio study tools can be included with your text at your instructor?s request, or can be purchased separately through www.iChapters.com. There?s an eBook too, which is available for purchase.


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Env Sci Paper 12E Engels | Druk: 12 | Paperback | 9780495383376 | 430 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumseptember 2007
Aantal pagina's430 pagina's
Auteur(s)G. Tyler Jr Miller | Scott E. Spoolman
UitgeverCengage Learning
Gewicht1225 g
Verpakking breedte222 mm
Verpakking hoogte19 mm
Verpakking lengte267 mm

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