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American Medical Association Family Medical Guide

Engels | Druk: 4th Revised edition | Hardcover | 9780471269113 | 1136 pagina's

American Medical Association - 9780471269113


Engels | Druk: 4th Revised edition | Hardcover | 9780471269113 | 1136 pagina's

The Long-Awaited Revision of the Bestselling Family Health Guide

"This completely updated fourth edition of our bestselling health reference is comprehensive, easy to understand, and even more user-friendly than the previous editions. We're excited to provide our patients with an invaluable resource to help them become more involved in their own health care. We think this is a book that belongs on the bookshelf in every home."
-AMA President John C. Nelson, MD, MPH

The American Medical Association is the nation's premier health authority-an organization that both patients and doctors look to for state-of-the-art medical information and guidance. Now, for the first time in 10 years, the AMA has updated its landmark medical reference-a book that belongs in every home.

This new edition of the American Medical Association Family Medical Guide has been thoroughly revised to bring it up to date and make it more accessible than ever before. Opening with a brand-new full-color section that walks you through key health issues, it follows with several new and expanded sections on everything from staying healthy and providing first aid and home care to diagnosing symptoms and treating hundreds of different diseases and disorders. This classic guide is the definitive home health reference for the twenty-first century-an indispensable book to keep you and your loved ones healthy.
* Authoritative guidance on hundreds of diseases and the latest tests, treatments, procedures, and drugs
* New or greatly expanded coverage of genetic testing, sexuality, learning disabilities, preventive health, infertility, pregnancy and childbirth, substance abuse, home caregiving, and first aid
* A host of new and updated features-including full-color spreads on important health topics, Q&A sections, first-person case histories, and newly designed symptoms flowcharts
* New chapters on diet and health, exercise and fitness, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress, genetics, complementary and alternative medicine, staying safe and preventing violence, cosmetic surgery, and preventive health care
* A new section on health issues at various life stages
* 64 pages in full color and almost 1,000 illustrations and photographs


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American Medical Association Family Medical Guide Engels | Druk: 4th Revised edition | Hardcover | 9780471269113 | 1136 pagina's
Druk4th Revised edition
Afmetingen23,5 x 19,7 x 7 cm
Aantal pagina's1136 pagina's
IllustratiesMet illustraties
AuteurAmerican Medical Association
UitgeverTurner Publishing Company
Extra groot lettertypeNee
NUR code860
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum2004-09-03
Thema Subject CodeVF

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