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The Time Of My Life

Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9780385521178 | 213 pagina's

Rob Spillman - 9780385521178


Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9780385521178 | 213 pagina's

Remember the ill-fitting tuxes, regrettable dresses, wilting corsages, cheap beer, and rented limos that marked the biggest, most-anticipated celebration of the school year? Remember when the whole world hung in the balance of just one night? Well, lots of your favorite writers do too, and they share the good, the bad, and the embarrassingly ugly in this wonderful compendium of personal reminiscences about prom night.
Rob Spillman has collected the prom memories of Cintra Wilson, Walter Kirn, Steve Almond, Samantha Dunn, Susie Bright, Mike Albo, and many others, capturing the magic, the misery, and the atrocious attire in a hilarious look at the simultaneously sublime and ridiculous event that has become the American right of passage.
Whether prom night is something you fondly remember or long to forget, The Time of My Life will bring it all back, capturing with wit and poignancy precisely what it was like to be young, hormonal, and dressed like a butler or bridesmaid.




The Time Of My Life Engels | Druk: 1 | Paperback | 9780385521178 | 213 pagina's
Verschijningsdatummei 2008
Afmetingen20,3 x 13,3 x 1,9 cm
Aantal pagina's213 pagina's
Auteur(s)Rob Spillman
UitgeverRandom House Usa Inc
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Gewicht204 g
Verpakking breedte133 mm
Verpakking hoogte17 mm
Verpakking lengte203 mm

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