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Nurses! Test yourself in Pathophysiology

Engels | Druk: ed | Paperback | 9780335242238 | 176 pagina's

Katherine Rogers, William Scott - 9780335242238


Engels | Druk: ed | Paperback | 9780335242238 | 176 pagina's

This book provides extensive coverage of each of the human body systems. It relates pathophysiology to the clinical environment, relevant investigations and treatments for disease. A useful text for both newly qualified and student nurses. Amy Hutchinson, Student Nurse, University of Ulster, UK From a nursing student perspective this book is excellent... It is laid out very well allowing the reader to learn individual body systems in manageable chunks. The chapters are well introduced and include pointers to useful learning resources and background reading... and the answers are concise yet contain enough detail to ensure readability and retention of detail. Every nursing student should have this book. Conor Hamilton, Student, Queen's University Belfast As a student nurse I am always looking for ways to enhance my learning and this book provides an excellent resource for this purpose. Working on the wards and desperately trying to recall all the physiology knowledge you are taught at university is not always easy... Nurses! Test yourself in Pathophysiology has been invaluable to my being able to remember the information. These bite-size chapters will be extremely useful if you need to revise pathophysiology for an exam, or when preparing for a particular placement. This book will make an excellent investment for a student at any stage in their course. Sarah Galloway, Student Nurse, University of Wolverhampton, UK This book contains a substantial bank of questions which will prove very useful to any enthusiastic student wishing to actively learn and revise pathophysiology. The simple structure and expanded answers provide effective feedback, adding value and support for learning. The book will be a useful partner to support many of the pathophysiology textbooks currently available. It should be included on recommended reading lists for students. It will also find a useful place in support of teaching and professional development. Jim Jolly, Head of Academic Unit for Long Term Conditions, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds, UK This book will be a helpful tool for all student nurses (regardless of branch), newly qualified nurses and nurses returning to practice. The language used in the book is easy to understand and I found the layout to be very user friendly and ideal for revising. I would recommend this book to all my colleagues. Colette Seddon, Student Nurse, University of Bedfordshire, UKLooking for a quick and effective way to revise and test your knowledge?This handy book is the essential self-test resource to help nurses revise and prepare for their pathophysiology exams. The book covers a broad range of conditions common to nursing practice including pneumonia, diabetes, asthma, eczema and more. The book includes over 300 questions and 70 glossary terms in total, and each chapter has: Multiple choice questionsTrue or false questionsLabelling exercisesFill in the blank questions The book includes chapters on: Integumentary system Musculoskeletal system Nervous system Endocrine system Cardiovascular system Respiratory system Digestive system Urinary system Reproductive system Written by lecturers at one of the UK's top nursing schools, this test book is sure to help you improve your results - and tackle your exams with confidence!


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Nurses! Test yourself in Pathophysiology Engels | Druk: ed | Paperback | 9780335242238 | 176 pagina's
Verschijningsdatumapril 2011
Aantal pagina's176 pagina's
AuteurKatherine Rogers | William Scott
Co-auteurWilliam Scott
UitgeverOpen University Press
Extra groot lettertypeNee

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