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Elementary Social Studies 2013 Home School Bundle Grade 3

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The early years of your child's homeschooling provides the foundation for future learning, no matter the subject. When it comes to social studies, the curriculum you use should guide your child through basic principles of government, geography, history and citizenship. The things your child learns now will impact how he or she sees these subjects in the future. You can continue to provide your child with exceptional lessons by using the myWorld Social Studies: Grade 3 homeschool curriculum.

This material was crafted using educational research about proven teaching methods. However, don't let the scientific approach to curriculum development scare you. myWorld Social Studies is a unique teaching experience. Instead of memorizing dates and data, your child will jump into the passenger's seat of history and government through the age-old practice of storytelling.

The fun and engaging lessons you create using myWorld Social Studies: Grade 3 will help your child progress in his or her education. By the end of the program, your child should be able to:
- See the ways cultures reflect their environments.
- Use a map to locate certain global features, such as the 50 states in the U.S. or the seven continents.
- Observe the way an environment affects a group of people and the way in which they adapt.
- Understand that government, rules and laws are necessary for society to exist peacefully.
- Read important U.S. documents, such as the Declaration of Independence.
- Recognize past and present U.S. presidents.
- Define a variety of government systems, including democracy.
- Explain key differences between U.S. political parties.
- Use the arts to learn about and explore communities.

You'll be able to design lesson plans that accomplish these, and other, educational goals by using the materials provided by myWorld Social Studies: Grade 3. For more information on specific items used in myWorld Social Studies, visit the Features and Benefits page.
Grade 3 - We Are Connected
The heart and soul of myWorld Social Studies is the myStory System. We began with the world s oldest educational technique storytelling and applied the latest educational research to create a ground-breaking approach to Social Studies instruction.

We connect to students emotions through stories, preparing them to learn, focusing on Social Studies content while reinforcing literacy instruction. Meaningful discussion questions and videos related to the questions will keep your child interested and engaged.

myWorld Social Studies is a comprehensive K-6 social studies curriculum designed to lay the ground work for civic competence, so that students develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be active, engaged, and responsible citizens. myWorld Social Studies helps students become actively engaged in Social Studies content through experiences that personalize instruction and make learning meaningful as well as fun.

Pearson creates education materials for all types of learners. When creating a program, we ensure that the material will be accessible to as many students as possible and as such, we create many ancillary products to fit specific situations to meet a variety of needs. While there are many components to each of our overall educational programs, some of these ancillaries do not meet the needs of homeschoolers, others do not make sense in a homeschool environment and some require an expensive technological infrastructure to deploy. The homeschool product configurations, while selected from a larger program, are complete curriculum bundles designed for your children to be engaged and to thrive, while being mindful of your budget. It is important to note that at times there will be resources mentioned throughout your materials that are not included in your package, however this will not hinder your child's successful completion of the course.




Elementary Social Studies 2013 Home School Bundle Grade 3
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