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Keys to Community College Success

Engels | Druk: 7th edition | Paperback | 9780321918536 | 384 pagina's

Carol J. Carter, Sarah Lyman Kravits - 9780321918536


Engels | Druk: 7th edition | Paperback | 9780321918536 | 384 pagina's

&>For First Year Experience, Student Success, and Introduction to College courses for students attending two year programs. Keys to Community College Success sets the standard for connecting academic success to success beyond school, showing students how to apply strategies within college, career, and life. This Seventh edition retains Keys' tried-and-true emphasis on thinking skills and problem solving, re-imagined with two goals in mind: One, a risk and reward framework that reflects the demands today's students face, and two, a focus on student experience specific to two-year schools with a more extensive research base and increased metacognition, helping students get a degree, get skills, or work toward a transfer. Keys to Community College Success helps students take ownership, develop academic and transferable skills, and show the results of commitment and action so they are well equipped with the concentration, commitment, focus, and persistence necessary to succeed. MyStudentSuccessLab (www.mystudentsuccesslab.com) helps students to 'Start strong, Finish stronger' by acquiring the skills they need to succeed for ongoing personal and professional development. Teaching & Learning Experience: Strategies for College, Career, and Life Success Keys to Community College Success provides the established KEYS set of tools for success - an understanding of how coursework connects to career and life goal achievement, and analytical, creative, and practical thinking coverage that empowers a range of cognitive ability. This program provides: * Personalized Learning with MyStudentSuccessLab: Whether face-to-face or online, MyStudentSuccessLab helps students build the skills they need through peer-led video interviews, interactive practice exercises, and activities that provide academic, life, and professionalism skills. * College Connection to Career and Life Goals: Infused with a fresh focus on risk and reward, showing that the reward of success in the modern world demands a risk of vision and persistent effort over time. It raises the bar to show students that they must risk action to grow, thrive, and contribute in order to make their college investment pay off in gainful employment, meaningful work, and community involvement. * Thinking Skills coverage:Comprehensive content with research references lend credibility and perspective to concepts, targeted exercises that explore personally relevant situations in context, and sustained focus throughout each topic. * Tailored to the Two Year Program experience: Acknowledges global economic change and instability and hones in on student concerns about employability skills and debt management so the two-year college experience is framed in practical, work-relevant ways with consideration toward transfer students as well. New coverage of resources, topics, and research support concepts. Note: This is the standalone book, if you want the book/access card order the ISBN below: 0321952553 / 9780321952554 Keys to Community College Success Plus NEW MyStudentSuccessLab 2013 Update -- Access Card Package


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Keys to Community College Success Engels | Druk: 7th edition | Paperback | 9780321918536 | 384 pagina's
Druk7th edition
Verschijningsdatumjanuari 2014
Afmetingen1 x 1 x 1 cm
Aantal pagina's384 pagina's
AuteurCarol J. Carter | Sarah Lyman Kravits
Co-auteurSarah Lyman Kravits
UitgeverPearson Education (Us)
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Thema Subject CodeYPWL , JND

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