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Managing the Global Supply Chain (Collection)

Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9780133091731 | 729 pagina's

Chad Autry, Thomas Goldsby - 9780133091731


Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9780133091731 | 729 pagina's

A brand new collection of insights and actionable techniques for world-class supply chain management... 2 authoritative books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! 2 authoritative eBooks deliver comprehensive resources for managing state-of-the-art supply chains in challenging global environments Master the latest techniques for overcoming your most difficult operations and supply chain management challenges! This unique 2 eBook package will help you address issues ranging from Lean/Six Sigma to transportation and warehousing, and anticipate emerging global issues - so you can transform them from risks into competitive advantages. The Encyclopedia of Operations Management is the perfect single-volume field manual for every supply chain or operations management practitioner and student. Nearly 1,500 well-organized, up-to-date definitions cover: accounting, customer service, distribution, e-business, economics, finance, forecasting, HR, industrial engineering, industrial relations, inventory management, healthcare management, Lean, logistics, maintenance engineering, management IS, marketing/sales, product development, operations research, organizational behavior/management, time management, production planning/control, purchasing, reliability, quality, service management, simulation, statistics, strategic management, systems engineering, supply chain management, theory of constraints, transportation, warehousing, and more. Next, in Global Macrotrends and Their Impact on Supply Chain Management, Chad W. Autry, Thomas J. Goldsby, John E. Bell prepare you to manage supply and demand in a world marked by demographic and economic shifts that will turn markets upside down. They offer a complete decision framework and practical tools, insights, and guidance for systematically mitigating new risks and building long-term competitive advantage. This book focuses squarely on emerging societal, technological, geopolitical, and environmental macro trends, helping you assess the impacts of population growth, migration, urbanization; socioeconomic change, global connectivity, environmental issues, geopolitics, growing scarcity, transportation congestion, aging infrastructure, and emerging supply-demand imbalances. It also provides comprehensive mitigation strategies based on logistics, resource recovery, resource protection, and demand/supply shaping. This collection will be an indispensable resource for all supply chain, logistics, sourcing, and operations management executives, managers, and professionals; and for all operations/supply chain research professionals, instructors, and graduate students. From world-renowned supply chain management experts Arthur V. Hill,Chad W. Autry, Thomas J. Goldsby, and John E. Bell




Managing the Global Supply Chain (Collection) Engels | Druk: 1 | E-book | 9780133091731 | 729 pagina's
Verschijningsdatummaart 2013
Aantal pagina's729 pagina's
Ebook formaatAdobe ePub
Auteur(s)Chad Autry | Thomas Goldsby | Thomas J Goldsby | Arthur Hill | John E Bell | John Bell
UitgeverFt Press
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Ebook formaatAdobe ePub
Extra groot lettertypeNee
Gewicht1 g

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